Over the past few years, several of my blog posts have received more attention than others, and I’ve received notes from readers trying to find them again. I’m posting them below for easy reference:

  1. The most-read articles related to MKs
  2. The most-read articles related to parenting MKs
  3. The most-read articles on ministry
  4. The most-read articles on social/spiritual topics
  5.         Seven popular articles translated into KOREAN (scroll down)


I. MKs (Missionaries’ Kids)

The Immeasurable Gift of Growing Up MK – click HERE.

The Five Cs That Explain MKs – click HERE.

The Immeasurable Gifts of Growing up MK – click HERE.

MKs & Shoulds– click HERE.

MKs & Deconstruction – click HERE.

MKs & Trauma – click HERE.

MKs & Mental Health – click HERE.

MKs & Relationships – click HERE.

MKs, Home, and Six Forms of Belonging – click HERE.

MKs & Living with Grief – click HERE.

MKs & TransitionPart I: Leaving Well – click HERE.

MKs & TransitionPart II: Entering Well – click HERE.

MKs & TransitionPart III: Adapting Well – click HERE.

MKs, Need & Isolation – click HERE.

MKs and Disordered Work Ethics – click HERE.

MKs & Identity – click HERE.

MKs in a Nutshell (podcast interview) – click HERE.

MKs & Belonging – click HERE.

MKs & Guiltitude– click HERE.

MKs & Child Abuse – click HERE.

MKs & Marriage – click HERE.

MKs & Suicide – click HERE.

MKs & Home – click HERE.

MKs & Wanting to Return to Foreign Homes – click HERE.

MKs & Faith – click HERE.

MKs & Influence – click HERE.

MKs & Neglect – click HERE.

MKs & Americans – click HERE.

MKs & Cultural Christianity – click HERE.

MKs & the Occult – click HERE.

MKs & World Events (Paris attacks) – click HERE.

The Top Ten Most Valuable Mindsets – click HERE.

How Churches and Missions Can Love MKs Better – click HERE.



Ten Helpful Practices for Parenting MKs – click HERE.

Five Ways to Protect Your MK’s Faith – click HERE.

Seven Lessons on Loving Well – click HERE.

Leaving the Field for the Sake of a Child – click HERE.

Parents of MKs, Please Talk About Sex– click HERE.

Anxiety in Little Ones – click HERE.

Six Permissions MKs Need – click HERE.

Boarding School – Part I: Is It Right for your MK? – click HERE.

Boarding School – Part II: Preparing & Parenting – click HERE.

Dear Missionary Parents – click HERE.

Preventing, Recognizing, and Responding to Abuse– click HERE.

The Semantics of Grief– click HERE.



Five Permissions Missionaries Need– click HERE.

The Guilt of “Having” in a World of Sacrificing– click HERE.

Missionaries and Disordered Work Ethics – click HERE.

Thirty-Five Questions to Ask Your Missionaries– click HERE.

Thriving as a Single Missionary – click HERE.

FIMO: Fear of Insufficient Ministry Output – click HERE.



Sacred Sexuality: Can Christian Singles Be Sexual Beings? – click HERE.

Harmful Theologies of Pain – click HERE.

Cognitive Dissonance: Porn and the Anti-Trafficking Generation– click HERE.

The Bachelor: Glamorizing Voluntary Prostitution – click HERE.

Assumptions: Unveiling the Singles Palette – click HERE.

Killing God – click HERE.

How the Church Fails at Sex Talk – click HERE.

But: The Semantics of Sympathy – click HERE.

For the Hurting, Lessons from a Wall – click HERE.



These articles were translated into Korean by an organization called Mi Casa Tu Casa, which offers hospitality to MKs in transition. I have long wanted to make some of these topics available to the vast Korean-missionary network and am grateful for the time and effort that made it possible.

Dear Missionary Parents – 선교사 부모님들께 – click HERE.

Ten Practices for Parenting MKs – MK를 효과적으로 양육하는 10가지 방법 – click HERE.

Six Permissions Most MKs Need – MK에게 필요한 6가지 권한 – click HERE.

A Parent’s Guide to Boarding School – 부모들을 위한 기숙사 학교 지침서 – click HERE.

Eight Steps for Preventing Abuse – 학대를 예방하는 8가지 방법 – click HERE.

The Semantics of Grief – 동정의 의미 – click HERE.

Five Ways to Protect Your MK’s Faith – MK의 신앙을 보호하는 5가지 방법 – click HERE.



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    • Nancy Dillingham

    • 7 years ago

    Hi, Michele.
    I am using your articles as a resource for developing curriculum that targets the needs of Mk’s. ( I deal mostly with elementary age children.)
    Our next unit in development has to do with the Fruit of the Spirit. We are looking for specific needs to target as we teach that the fruit of the Spirit is available to all believers as they abide in Christ.
    The internet is full of lessons, games, songs, but I am frustrated with a lack of application to Mks. Thank you for writing these articles! I am finding them insightful and helpful.

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