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As you can see below, this one’s a video!

I developed it to help the broader Christian world to better understand why Missionaries’ Kids (MKs) are different than their parents and how to care for them with informed wisdom.

My hope is that churches, missions, and anyone who loves missionaries and their children—like friends, relatives, supporters—will find something in these twenty minutes that will deepen their understanding of MKs, fire their imagination for ways to better assist them, a fuel their desire to do so.

If you know people who would benefit from this—particularly mission boards and church missions committees—please forward the link to them.

Here’s to loving this generation of MKs well, in order to foster flourishing and wholeness!

Video outline:

00:00 — Introduction
2:56 — Four ways MKs are different from their parents
14:15 — What we can do to wisely and practically help this people group

(Make sure you select HD on the video screen for best image quality.)

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