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My goals:

  • To educate “multi-culturals” of all ages about the factors that have shaped them and of the differences that define them.
  • To teach and train their parents, educators and caretakers about crucial facets of the MK/TCK identity that need to be addressed in order for us to equip them for the life ahead, allowing them to thrive in their strengths and manage their challenges.
  • To enlighten sending churches and agencies about the impact of international childhoods on these children whose plight we often overlook as we send them overseas and welcome them “home.”

More than thirty years on the mission field and a lifetime as an MK (missionaries’ kid) have prepared me well to speak, write and consult on MK and TCK (Third Culture Kid) issues. My goal is to use the knowledge and experience I’ve accumulated to help those who, at any age, are living with the blessings and challenges of growing up third-cultured.

Speaking and Consulting

I have developed several presentations revolving around the themes of multi-cultural understanding and wholeness, as well as current hot-topics (see below). All include dynamic speaking, real-life stories, customized videos, Powerpoint presentations and takeaway documents.

Survey of Adult MKs

Hello and welcome. This is the condensed version of a 250-page report on the Adult MK Survey. (I know!) You might want to perk yourself a mug of coffee or steep a cup of tea and settle in.

Media (Audio,Video)

I’ve created several discussion-starter videos to accompany workshops on the subject of MK/TCK identity, loss and transition. I’m pleased to share them below.


Over the past few years, several of my blog posts have received more attention than others, and I’ve received notes from readers trying to find them again. I’m posting them below for easy reference:

MK Harbor

If you’re an MK between 17 and 24 (but we’re open to making exceptions!), you’ll find on the map below pins that represent people who want to support you in your transition to a new country.

Listen to my Podcast

Pondering Purple podcast, a source of information, insight, and inspiration for those who love MKs and those who are MKs.