Friday August 19, 2005

ANOTHER INSTALLMENT!! Alright, boys and girls, the result of the survey (here and by email) have yielded two main contenders. So we’re down to two titles PLUS another one I’ve just added. This should be an easier pick as there are fewer entries. Help me out! I want your opinions! 1. Life in a Tidal […]

Tuesday August 16, 2005

SURVEY!!!! Please continue answering the question from my previous entry, but as you think about that, can you think about this too? I’m working on something that needs a title–an interesting, curiosity-arousing title–and I’m not sure which of the following is best. Can you read through the options and tell me which one would MOST […]

Monday August 15, 2005

Fiona asked a great question! She wanted *me* to answer it, but I’d like to hear your opinions first: why the heck is it that MKs usually want to marry other MKs? I know you’ve got some ideas about that, so let them rip! Back in Germany on the 25th…counting the days while 6 French […]

Wednesday August 3, 2005

My friend Eenie, who is famous for being among the four BFA boys who caused 10 German police officers (guns drawn) to surround my apartment, told me it was time to update. Actually, he didn’t so much TELL me as SUGGEST it, but a well-placed “You think it’s time to update?” is just as effective […]

Sunday July 24, 2005

Hello from the center of a HEAT WAVE. If this is anything like hell, we need to be spreading the word. There’s a good chance we could convert most of Canada and the midwest right about now! A comment by Reblyner on my weblog made my brain work. She asked why it is that we […]

Friday July 15, 2005

So my two nephews and my niece arrived this week to spend a few days on the beach. My brother and his wife are here too, of course–the kids didn’t hop in the van and drive themselves here. I was on the way to the store tonight with my nine-year old nephew and he informed […]

Saturday July 9, 2005

I just read an article online about the funeral for Luther Vandross. He’s a singer most of you younger readers will have never heard about, but he was a pretty hot commodity during the 80’s (don’t hate me for showing my age!). His chief attribute was being able to curl your toes and singe your […]

Wednesday June 29, 2005

A friend (who shall remain nameless) just informed me that she has finally experienced her first kiss! That might seem like an inane thing to you, but if you knew my friend, you’d realize that this is tantamount to Elvis still being alive or a football player winning a Nobel prize. You see, my friend […]

Saturday June 25, 2005

In case you’re bored and would like to expand your knowledge and understanding of one of the world’s most courageous women, the Corrie Ten Boom book you need to order and READ is: “The Hiding Place”. And Ahram, no–I don’t think I’ll tell you. But I’ll gladly interact with you if you have questions unrelated […]

Saturday June 25, 2005

RebLyner wrote: “Here’s one for abby:¬† how does a woman remain strong¬†yet not dominant, vulnerable yet not “mousy”?” Her question made the nun in me go “Hmm” and instantly brought to mind some of the more “strong AND vulnerable” women who have impacted this world. Women like Mother Theresa, Corrie Ten Boom, and, on a […]

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