She asked the right questions of the right people and discovered the meaning behind Casey’s name. And won herself a free book in the process!!

There may be further contests in the future, so keep your eyes on the site and think fast…

Book orders are coming in steadily. Remember to order yours if you want one before I run out of stock (yeah, righ!). And PLEASE tell your friends and family about it!




  1. So Michele, I didn’t know you had a Xanga again AND I didn’t know the progress of your book AND I didn’t know you had a website AND I’m glad Renee told me.(c: Guilty thoughts have been lurking in my mind about never getting back to you about “the book” but I do want you to know how much I enjoyed reading it and would really love to talk to you sometime soon about…anything and everything. Ciao. ~Allison

  2. Yay 🙂 I’m so excited to read it!!!! 🙂 Thanks Michele, I feel so special!! I’ve never really won a contest before!! woohoo!

  3. Gosh… Can’t believe you gave a hint!!!

  4. michele!

    o my goodness!! i was just thinking about you yesterday actually and wondering where you were and what you were up to? I’m going to go and check out your book website right after this. i need to write you an email very soon! there is a lot i want to tell you and thankyou for. But that is not for public eyes to all read 🙂 i’ll write you soon

  5. Michele ma belle, so where are you and where have you been?  I miss you…sigh.  Oh my gosh, you leave in 6 days!!!! Ahhhhh.  Can you still take some stuff to mail for my kids?

    Call me.  Hugs and love,


  6. YAY!!… I know her!!!

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