So here’s the question: what should be the topic of my next entry??

Open to all suggestions…




  1. E-mailing. As in, the two of us need to do more of it! 🙂 Love you Michele! (What’s your number?)

  2. hi Michele~!
    you are beautiful and a very pleasing person to be with always!!!
    love you lots

  3. michele where are you?! just tried to call you…:S

  4. I suggest the topic of Geopolitics and its effect on Third-World countries beginning with the letter “N.” Just an idea…. 🙂

  5. Don’t you think asking suggestions from BFA and Alumni is a rather bold move? 😉  Who knows what will happen…as Scott so nicely demonstrated…… 😉

  6. i have no suggestions,  i’m in sensory overload and could not possibly come up with one coherent thought.

    (except for one, and that is that i miss you.)

    sei gut.

  7. how I love you… let me count the ways! sure, email on the way.

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