I spent several hours at the Colmar Christmas Market last night, under pouring rain, and was once again reminded of how very beaufiful, whimsical and quaint the holidays can be in this part of the world. What a simply wonderful place!

I wanted to “talk business” one last time before I leave Germany for a few weeks in Canada with my mom. Some of you have expressed a desire to purchase “The Edge of Tidal Pools”, and I wanted to remind you that unless your orders are given to me or mailed to my address in Canada soon, you won’t get your copy until after Christmas. So….refer to the website for North American orders or see me here at BFA if you’re local! (www.tidalpoolsonline.com)

After a long fall season full of challenges, joys, frustrations and small victories, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no place I would rather be right now than exactly where I am. It’s a pretty great feeling. God only knows (literally) what the future holds, but I’m content, on this rainy winter day, to consider myself in the center of His will. The love I feel for the students, my coworkers, my “duties”, and the Old Continent are all part of the conclusion I knew I’d reach once the turmoil of reentry was behind me. So, for what it’s worth, I’m a happy camper today.

Students–you are steady rays of light in this gloomy German winter. I love you tons.




  1. i’m so glad.  m.e.

  2. I miss the christmas markets so much!!!!!…..  and the special brownies…and the gluhwine :-)….good times

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