A couple of you have gotten pretty close to finding the answer to the official “tidal pools xanga contest”! (see previous post) Let me add one more hint: Think in terms of foreign languages…. Yup. Foreign languages!

Remember, the first one to get it receives a free book! (Students, there’s a staff member getting mighty close… )

I’ll be waiting for your solutions!




  1. what?? what?? you are giving hints??? ah!!!!!!!!!! this is… not fair!!! but then… Life IS unfair… So, I guess it is fair? hm…

  2. Michele, okay, so remind me which one was Casey again?  I think when you cut my hair my memory went into the garbage with the cut hairs!  I think we have the same interests!  So when are we going to Australia for that …bigad experience?!  I’ll see ya at the banqueting table Saturday! What are you wearing?

    to cardboard cookies and libations,

    love ya,


  3. Hey Michele, the “hunsband” thing sounds wierd to us too. 😉  I would love to post something for you on 3fa.  I kinda had to sign up since Brandon started it …. 🙂  My e-mail address is marriedjonesy23@yahoo.com .

  4. i know i know!! pick me i know thte asnwer

  5. Well…when i hear the name Casey, i think of Casey Brown…that the answer?

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