When Casey arrives on the Ile de Batz, a small island off the coast of France, she is just as ragged and desolate as the coastline that materializes out of the mist. She has exiled herself to a foreign land to escape her past, but finds in this inhospitable place that it cannot be outrun.


One of her students, the child of missionaries, is at the root of her turmoil, and the tragedy of his life has sent Casey’s faith spiraling downward into incomprehension and despair. Yet from her first inauspicious encounter with islanders, Casey realizes that the Ile de Batz is not going to be the haven she had sought. Her presence on the small island is unwelcome and all but one enigmatic stranger, Luke, treat her with open hostility.


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Rife with fierce emotions and profound realizations, “The Edge of Tidal Pools” follows Casey’s journey through brokenness, while offering a glimpse into the often-misunderstood plight of missionaries’ children.


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