For anyone who might be interested in my broader ministry—beyond the articles I post here—my newsletter is below. Simply click on the black arrow at the top-left of the PDF to enlarge it. To receive my updates via email in the future, simply write to shellphoenix@gmail.com and write “Subscribe to updates” in the subject line. […]


A few weeks ago, the hosts of the Transformed and Transformational podcast asked me if I’d be open to an interview about MKs and TCKs and—of course—my response was an enthusiastic yes! I’ve posted the audio below. It goes without saying that forty minutes is not enough time to fully unpack the complexity of MKs […]


[NOTE: I’ve written on the topic of singleness several times before, addressing the differences among us (here), recognizing that singles are still sexual beings (here), and encouraging us to consider five basic practices that might foster flourishing and wholeness (here).]   I am a single woman. It’s not an affliction and it certainly isn’t a […]

TCKs and the Cluster Theory

[This article is available in audio format on the Pondering Purple podcast.] With so much written about the challenges that come from growing up between worlds, it’s important to highlight TCK strengths too. One of the most powerful of them is “Cross-Cluster Influence.” Cluster Analysis is a social science theory that essentially supports the fact […]

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