A few weeks ago, the hosts of the Transformed and Transformational podcast asked me if I’d be open to an interview about MKs and TCKs and—of course—my response was an enthusiastic yes! I’ve posted the audio below.
It goes without saying that forty minutes is not enough time to fully unpack the complexity of MKs and TCKs, but we gave it our best shot! We covered a lot in that timespan: relationships, belonging, goodbye’ing, the Last Supper (?) and even a bit about surviving a pandemic. At the very least, I hope we began a longer conversation you can continue in your own families and communities about the richness and challenges of growing up between worlds.
You can listen by clicking the “play” arrow below or by finding Pondering Purple on your usual podcast apps.

The article about grief we mention in the interview is here: Nine Steps to Living Well in a Season of Grief.
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