Have you ever felt incapable of hearing God’s voice at times when you most needed to? Have you wondered if it’s because you’ve become deaf or he’s gone mute…or both?

I was asked to speak on “Hearing Jesus’ Voice in the Chaos of Our Pain” for a conference in Wisconsin last week. As I began to work on this difficult subject, I discovered that I couldn’t do it justice without exploring the joys and trauma of my five decades on earth, and how they impacted my ability to truly trust and connect with the Divine. Though some of the details are specific to me, many of the truths I discuss are universal, culminating in a reflection on what allows me to better hear God now. .

If you’ve walked this road too, I’d love for you to go on this journey with me. Click play on the audio bar below to listen here or head to my Pondering Purple Podcast to listen there. It’s available on all pod platforms and you can subscribe to be notified when new episodes release.

I’ll post below some of the slides I used in my PowerPoint presentation—in case they explain some of the responses you hear in the background on the recording!

See text beneath pictures to understand where they fit in the talk.

⇧ The “yay” duck and the “yuck” duck ⇧


⇧ The castle I grew up in, in Lamorlaye, France ⇧ 

⇧ The French school system yielded fear and pessimism ⇧ 

⇧ Some of the statements I was hearing from the Voice of Pain ⇧


⇧ “Let’s be honest, this is the kind of athlete I was…” ⇧

⇧ The way I’d come to view God ⇧

⇧ Some of the statements I was hearing from the Voice of Pain ⇧


⇧ Some of the statements I was hearing from the Voice of Pain ⇧


⇧ Teaching at Black Forest Academy for twenty years ⇧ 

⇧ Some of the statements I was hearing from the Voice of Pain ⇧

⇧ The Voices of Pain were becoming debilitating ⇧


⇧ It felt like every hardship had added a stone to my life’s statue ⇧

⇧ Expressions of honest emotions we read in the Bible ⇧

⇧ God as I had imagined him ⇧

⇧ The images with which I needed to replace the pictures of an angry God in my mind ⇧ 

⇧ Words I now hear from the Voice of Truth ⇧ ⇧ Words I can count on even when I don’t hear Jesus’ voice ⇧ 

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One Comment

    • Michelle

    • 2 years ago

    Thank you for this. I needed to hear this tonight. I grew up as an mk who had a positive experience as a kid, but then went into missions (4th generation to be in missions) and experienced spiritual abuse and trauma as an adult that I am still trying to heal from.

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