Hi, friends! My goal for 2020 was to turn my most-frequently-read articles into something people could consume on the go. Statistically, more consumers gain information through podcasts and audio services today than through reading, so creating the Pondering Purple Podcast seemed like an effective strategy for extending the reach of my MK ministry.  The technical learning curve has been huge, but so worth it!

Pondering Purple is a collection of short, thematic episodes that all pertain to some aspect of MKs/TCKs and life in ministry. Since I posted the introduction to the podcast a couple months ago, the number of listeners tuning in has floored me. I’m so excited that my lifework’s footprint is going to expand even more through this new medium.
To listen to the podcast, simply search for it by name (Pondering Purple) on the podcast platform you usually use.  Then make sure you hit “Subscribe” so you see when new episodes appear. If you don’t have a favorite podcast app, you can listen in directly from the host page instead. Just click the titles (links) below to be taken to the episode, then scroll down and press the “play” arrow next to the title.

Intro: The Pondering Purple Podcast

I explore and explain the motivation and purpose behind the podcast.

1. The Five Cs that Define [Most] MKs

We look at five foundational traits that will help MKs to understand themselves better and those who care for them to love them better.

2. MKs and the Ache of Unbelonging

One of the greatest challenges for MKs is not feeling that there’s a single place in the world where they truly, 100% belong. They tend to exhibit one of three responses to this sense of “unbelonging,” which I explore here.

3. The Emotional Impact of College Closures

When COVID-19 struck, nearly all North American colleges had to close their doors. The unexpected closures shocked their students–especially those seniors who suddenly found themselves robbed of all the “lasts” that were supposed to crown their years of education. This article is for those whose hearts have been broken by these events…and those trying to understand and help them.

4. Nine Suggestions for Living Well in a Season of Grief

The topic of this episode is particularly timely as people around the world find their lives upended by a ferocious, life-altering virus. Addressing a broader audience but also narrowing the scope to MK-specific causes of grief, I outline nine suggestions that might be helpful in living through (not slingshotting over) a season of grief.

I hope you’ll find the podcast informative and entertaining! New episodes will post every week in the short term (COVID-19 has granted me the extra time!), then every other week. Please share it with the MKs, missionary families, church mission committees and missions you know. I’m counting on word-of-mouth to expand its reach even further.


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