There was a time not long ago
When Mother’s Day felt like a wound
Pulled open and exposed on that one Sunday every year
When childless lives felt second-rate
Shoved to the side to make more room for
Those with fulfilled womanhood
I tried to blame society
Men or myself
—or Christianity—
For the affront to my identity
Imagining in youthful grief
That others measured me by quivers full
Or empty
At church
I smiled through longing pangs
As little hands
Plucked roses from a florist’s vase
To bring them to her teary mom
I wondered why it wasn’t me
And if I might someday be her
The Kleenex-clutching nurturer
Brave and weary and complete
But I am not a mom
And it doesn’t matter much
What sealed my life’s sterility—
Decisions made for noble ends
Opportunities I didn’t see
Or lost to ministry
When Mother’s Day projects my childlessness
On the screen of my yesteryears
Layering hues and highlights over gaping aches
I see their beauty now
Because though I am not a mom
I know I’ve loved in other ways
Cherished and comforted
Fretted and hoped
Challenged and cheered
Nurtured and listened and disciplined

I have given of myself to those God loaned to me

So I choose joy this Mother’s Day
I choose the certainty
That though I’ve had no children
It does not diminish me
To love at all
In any way
Is to endow both hearts
With something of eternity


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  1. I loved this so much. A friend shared it with me, thinking of another friend, but I loved it for me. So thank you for sharing your thoughts, and although Mother’s Day is not a hard day for me yet, I like the reminder of my value in loving now those who are in my circle.

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