Somebody pinch me!

As of October 1, Tangled Ashes is available in bookstores, from online retailers and directly from this website. Buy it here!

(Scroll down to a enter a contest and win 2 free books…)

I hope this 90-second book-trailer will answer some of your questions about the contemporary, WWII-based mystery and entice you to dive into it!  Please pass this page’s link on to family and friends.  I would love to see Tangled Ashes reach as wide an audience as possible.

CONTEST: Upload a picture of Tangled Ashes to your Facebook wall and tag me in it.  You’ll automatically be entered in a drawing to win one autographed copy of Tangled Ashes and one of The Edge of Tidal Pools.  That’s all you have to do!  The picture can be:

  • The book on display in your local bookstore (absolutely no obligation to buy)
  • Your own copy of the book
  • The book’s cover on your e-reader’s screen
  • The book’s title on a receipt from an online retailer

It’s that simple!  A drawing will be held this Saturday at 8 pm and you’ll be notified if you’re the lucky winner. Have fun!
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