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It’s been my goal for several months to create discussion-starter videos to accompany workshops on the subject of MKs and transition.  I’m pleased to share them below, along with companion articles that may further fuel discussion on these important topics.  By no means are these videos intended to offer solutions to the complexities of cross-cultural transitions!  But if they serve to express the thoughts, attitudes, struggles and conclusions of just a handful of MKs and, in doing so, to prompt further exploration, my goal will have been reached.

Please feel free to comment at the end of this post or to pass the links on to family and friends!  Should you wish to use any of these in a public forum, I simply ask that you’d consider a small donation to this ministry.  Blue “donation” links are available at the bottom of all the “MK/TCK Resources” pages and this blog post.


You may have seen parts of this introductory video when I posted my summary of the “Kitchen Sink Summit.”  The purpose here is to give a brief overview of the MK experience and to introduce the “cast” of the following videos.



Opening the discussion on the frequency of moves in the life of an MK and the resulting loss of a sense of “belonging.”  Companion articles: Everybody Always Leaves and I’ll Never Belong. (Click titles)



An overview of the attitudes some (many?) MKs carry “home” with them when they return to North America and some of the mistakes they make in the process of transitioning.  Please note that a majority of MKs, when speaking of “Americans,” would instinctively also include Canadians in their prejuging.  Companion article: America the…Stupid? (Click title)



What these MKs have learned from their own experiences and a sampling of the advice they’d give other transitioning MKs.  Companion article: I Must Never Adapt. (Click title)


Thank you so much for reading, watching, commenting and redistributing these links.  I’m praying that the conversations started by these videos will lead to deeper exploration, fuller revelation, greater understanding and, ultimately, a more intimate healing.



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