Thirteen MKs representing 21 countries.  A magical guesthouse.  The astounding generosity of strangers who covered most of the costs.  Three days to reconnect, share life experiences, and gather information that will become articles, videos and other MK resources.  Such a forgotten people group with so much to vent and even more to contribute…

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Here are two videos that will summarize our shared experiences better than any number of paragraphs could.  The footage, of course, is incomplete–there are so many more MK interviews to do and so many (over a hundred!) 11-page surveys to read and compile.  But it’s a start.  (Readers in Europe will have to view the movie from my Facebook page, because of Youtube’s copyright limitations.)

And some outtakes…which are inevitable with 10 hours of filming!

This weekend served to create a sort of “MK Baseline,” a reference point for my ongoing exploration of the modern MK.  In the weeks and months ahead, I’ll be delving into the experiences of other adults who were raised by missionaries, some who have thrived, some who have floundered, and others whose faith has yielded to atheism.  What a profound responsibility it is, and what an honor to brush lives with these fascinating, multi-faceted people.  I’m so blessed–so blessed–to have been called to this ministry.

Someone this week asked me why I haven’t posted any links that would allow people to donate to this ministry.  I’m a little uncomfortable with that, as there’s a fine line between “providing the opportunity to give” and “begging and groveling”!  So please see this as an opportunity given, should you feel the urge to donate once or take on regular support.  You can do so by following the link below or contacting me directly at the email address above.

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    • Renee Grubb

    • 13 years ago

    As one married to an MK, have MK kids, and love 12 years worth of BFA MKs – this was beautiful, entertaining, and choked me up! I am not an MK, but I have to admit that I resonate with much of what they say and feel. Charisse, Autumn and Fiona, your tears and words pierced my soul. Austin, you have such godly wisdom. Yohan, you are still young, I am confident that a soulmate is being prepared for you. I could go on an on aching with and resonating with all their words. As a missionary mom myself – the hardest thing to bear is distance and separation from those I love. I hold onto Heaven meaning no more goodbyes! Mama g would love to see any of these precious saints at this summit! May there be continual fruit from this gathering.

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