I’m in Germany, madly packing boxes for my move to the States and saying tough goodbyes.  I should be hard at work or moping, but it’s Sunday and I’m taking a break!  So I did some editing-therapy this afternoon that should give you something amusing to watch until I have the time to do some proper blogging.  I hope you’ll enjoy this…  (If you live in Europe, this link may not work.  You’ll need to watch it on my Facebook page, if we’re “friends” there!)


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    • journalingjunkie13

    • 13 years ago

    My crooked smile is wide across my face—-how clever you are, my dear! Miss both you and Sally and hope to see you stateside before the end of the year. My prayers are with you in Germany and my heart in Memphis is rejoicing over your acceptance of this new season in your life. (with or without G.C.) Much love, Dotsy

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