In loving memory of my grandma,

Margaret Parks.

June 30, 1913 – April 29, 2009

She was a devoted wife and a loving mother to her two daughters, and it’s safe to assume
 that her greatest joy and her greatest sadness was watching them
both commit to a life of ministry in France.

I didn’t know my grandma well–it’s one of the downsides of the MK experience–
but I’ll remember her as a feisty lady who lived her life  and particularly its
ending with courage and unflagging optimism.  I’m grateful that she
danced this morning into the Land of youth, joy, and
 unending supplies of butter pecan ice-cream.
She left in her sleep, peacefully, with her
daughters nearby.  I can only imagine
what her reunion with my grandpa
 must have been…

With her two daughters, Linda and Sally.

I love this one of her laughing with the rest of us…  That was only
two years ago, when she was 93!



  1. What a cutie!! A bittersweet day. Happy sad.

  2. a beautiful tribute to your grandma. I am glad that when you were here last year, even in the midst ofyour own journey you were able to spend some time with this fiesty lady. looks like she was a fun person to be around. Thinking of your mom and you guys as you all miss this amazing woman. what a blessing to see both of her daughters in missions…although i’m sure it was also heartache filled as well, since they were often overseas,,,but i’m sure every time she spoke with them, her heart swelled with pride. what a lineage to be part of my dear!

  3. Dear Mich, beautiful tribute and I am so sorry for your families loss even if she lived a full life. May you continue to basque in the comfort of knowing that you shall more than likely make innumerable memories with her in the heavenly realm where time and distance and sickness and sadness will not exist. Maybe my grandmas have welcomed her and they are sharing about their grand-daughters now over a celestial cup of tea. It could happen! hugs and love and thanks again for coming and stirring the pot with my girls Wednesday! I love you! kisses, renee

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