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There are milestones that are hard to ignore.  Some of them come but once in a lifetime, and others, especially in a place like BFA, are cyclical.  Junior-Senior Banquet belongs in the latter category, and it happened this evening.  As festive as the occasion is, it’s also a symbolic “beginning of the end.”

So it’s with mixed emotions that I attended again tonight, as I do each year: with joy for the culmination of the seniors’ BFA experience and with a sort of gnawing sadness, an undercurrent of impending loss.  I decided years ago (decades ago?) that I would not allow my mind to drift into the dangerous territory of concluding that graduation is tantamount to death.  But still…it is the ending of all that was familiar for many of these students—and the ending (in many cases) of my role in their lives—so watching them celebrating as they did tonight brings pangs of mellow grief.  Mellow, because tinged with the kind of love that will never entirely dim, despite the best efforts of time and distance.  To have loved these students, and loved them deeply, is to have engraved their names in my spirit, and as long as my spirit lives, so will the vestiges of these fleeting and blessed relationships.

I won’t write much longer…  I’d rather show than tell after an evening like this one.  The girls were stunning, the boys were handsome, the laughs were sometimes raucous, sometimes tender, and the atmosphere was at once relaxed and classy.  Congrats, Juniors, on a beautiful and memorable evening.  You worked miracles.  And seniors—begin to count the moments and to make them count.  The final lap is a short one indeed…

I’ve known Squirt since 7th grade, when the mere thought of makeup and dresses would send her into convulsions…and now?  Look at her putting on her own mascara!  It’s proof that people really do evolve with time! 

A little pre-banquet anxiety, perhaps!

The Storch seniors…an amazingly rich (in non-financial terms) group of young women.

She’s holding up her chins out of sympathy for me.  Who said I never taught her anything?

Not looking too confident there, Josh!

Okay–no more pictures of Squirt, I promise!

Not sure what that look means, Maurice, but it’s pretty impresive!

They don’t come much more beautiful than this…

Willson knows that his habit of winking drives me over the edge…so he does it as often as possible, particularly when I’m trying to take a good picture!  Argh.

These two are like a cross between Dr. Seuss and…well…hmm…somebody else who’s whimsical and funny and innocent and loyal and quirky and wonderful!

A study in personalities…

No one does attitude like Lady Drea!

Yes, Kingsley, it is indeed unusual to see a guy pinning a boutonier on another guy!

Ellyn looked stunning…and her date (below) clearly agreed with that assessment! 

Uhm…never mind.

Erin made Collin his lovely yellow flower.  It was so, so, SO her! 

Guido has a very strange way of showing affection, don’t you think?

Kristoff.  I think he might have been dreaming up the plot of his next short story when this one was taken!

That’s it for now.  It’s late and my eyelids are drooping…  There are more pictures on Facebook, of course, but these are my favorites.  And now, at 2:09 a.m., it’s time for this partied-out lady to head toward bed, with happy thoughts and wistful thoughts dancing in her head.  Thank GOODNESS tomorrow is a holiday! 



  1. what beautiful young people you have been able to enjoy this year. i am glad that you have been able to attend this important and momentous occasion that i know is sooo important to you with your lovely ‘kids’.

  2. Wow, we went to bed at the same time last night (morning)…thanks for posting. Once again you captured the spirit of the evening. I have tears streaming down my face right now (the good kind)…

    Guess what phone call I received this a.m. More cheese chunks were discovered!! FUNNY!!

  3. Outstanding post. I cannot believe how fast they’ve grown.

  4. A) Squirlet is hot!

    B) And how is the cutey patootie in the picture with her, may I ask?

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