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[I must preface this post by informing my loyal readership that I did not write it!  Tonight was another evening of POT (Phi-Phi’s On Thursdays) mayhem and fun, and, as always, both my camera and my computer were commandeered at various times.  When I opened my computer to check my emails moments ago, I found this Xanga entry waiting to be posted…  I can’t resist.  If anything, it’ll offer you a glimpse into the craziness that is my life…and my love.  I’ll make any editorial comments in this color in the text below, so you’ll know when it’s me jumping in for a moment of sanity! 

  I’ll even add pictures to illustrate the goings-on!)

This is Collin and Erin writing
(with Aliza and Joel sitting in the background)


so what’s poppin’ at the Phoenix joint?

Nothing like a backyard full of flowers to inspire naps on a bed of petals!

Our hands hurt from hanging off an old german woman’s balcony.  See, here’s the problem with teenagers: every get-together is an occasion to develop new stunts.  I wonder if the landlady who lives upstairs peered out her window and saw four sets of fingers clinging to the edge of her balcony…    After 14 years here, it’s a MIRACLE I haven’t been evicted yet!

Collin lending a hand.  He’s the chief instigator of the mischief…

Michele plays guitar with experimental chords. she says they’re like chinese women, but we’re never quite sure what she’s saying anyhow.  Ahem–what I MEANT with reference to Chinese women was that the particular chords I was playing were reminiscent of…oh, never mind!

we have decided that love is not love if you fall out of it. also that marzipan is good to eat. unless you don’t have any.  Teenage girls:  masters of non sequiturs.

Frolicking under a shower of recently amputated flowers.
It’ll be that many fewer for my 85-year old landlady to mow!

‘rhythm,’ says michele.  I was referring to the smacking-of-strings I was doing on Aliza’s guitar.  There’s no music like the ad-libs of a quadragenarian pseudo-musician picking up an instrument for the first time.  Hitting the strings was the best I’d sounded all night!  I was proud of it.  So sue me.

collin bit his tongue open today and aliza ate the lawn. joel didn’t hurt himself, but erin is covered in paint and the curtains are blowing in the wind.  Collin did indeed bite his tongue so badly that it bled.  The story went something like this:

Boys decide to leap over girls. (Don’t ask!)
Boys, perhaps under the influence of hormones, miscalculate their flight.
Boys land with cracking of bones and spurting of blood (from Collin’s tongue).
Boys are terribly proud of themselves!

back to collin writing.

the only problem with the desserts of the Phoenix is that they have one fault- they come after her meals, when we are full.  You haven’t seen eating until you’ve seen POT eating.  The meal I made tonight was meant to feed 10.  It fed 5.  If you’re thinking of contributing to the POT fund, here’s what I need: GROCERY MONEY!    (And a new laptop.  Really.  Subliminal hint.)  Favorite quote of the evening?  Aliza saying, “Why are you still single when you make such great food?”

Not sure what Aliza was so shocked about in this picture (it’s the same reaction she had when I first told her my chicken-farmer story).  Erin and Collin were writing this blog when I took the picture.  And Willson was just enjoying the closeness….

P.O.T [Phi-Phi’s On Thursdays]- we like it!

this is nautilus- A student band that asked me to do a photo shoot for thei
r album cover.  Here are a couple of the less demented ones!

hmmm………poems.  Can’t really give you any clarification on that statement.  Sorry.

And this is aliza writing.

Here she is after picking flowers with her teeth.
Again–questioning is pointless, but picture taking is critical!

Michele is painting her toenails. Correction: I was painting ONE toenail that happened to have chipped.  Aliza is NOT going to kiss Joel’s foot to make it better.  The most intelligent choice she made all night…
Erin is taking off her toenail polish and it looks like blood. Collin bleeds. Particularly after leaping over two young ladies and narrowly avoiding a mid-air collision.  Aliza whacks lights with guitars. She whacked my crystal chandelier, to be precise.  Both she and it are still alive, which is a testament to her good luck and my self-control.  Aliza and Erin are meant to be friends. because “You’ve Got Mail” is their favorite movie.  Teenagers: they base their relationships on such eternal values…

Can you blame me for loving them?  I dare you to meet them and remain unmoved…

Ain’t no such thing as a dull moment, and that, my friends, is what this job–this passion–is all about.

(We were probably making a joke about cancer when this picture was taken.  Michelle Young will find that quite infuriating, but it’s actually a therapeutic thing!)



  1. According to this entry, it sounds like you never really have a dull moment

  2. i’m pretty sure that my favorite thing about this post is the highly misleading title 😉 it made me laugh…AFTER i read the whole post 😉

  3. crap. i miss all the green in that Kandern place. and all the mischief. all the time. (you should just thank your lucky stars me and kristoff and nate weren’t there. that’s all i’m going to say about that.)

    and your photo skills are improving by leaps and bounds, if i do say so myself.

    speaking of photo, would you be able to make photographs at a little wedding i’ve got in mind? say, maybe summer after next? i promise not to look over your shoulder and make disparaging remarks. really. and you can play with my holgas and dianas and any of the other cameras you’d like.

    i miss you, for reals. and i wish i was back in poetry class so’s i could make misch– er, work on my poetic expression.

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