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There hasn’t been a major event this week, which is great for my sleep and not so great for my blogging!    As time is limited (one week left until spring break and roughly 1,543,987 things to do!), I’ll settle for posting a handful of photos from the past few days.  Enjoy!

Here’s the scenario:  Two boys (Peter and Jackson) get a detention.  The detention, quite self-centered, is to clean the inside of my car.  The two boys sadly find a smoke machine in my trunk, left over from Candlelight Dinner days.  I go off to the store and when I return a few minutes later, they’ve plugged in the smoke machine, filled the car with a thick fog, and they exit looking like the most casual victims of a massive car-fire.  I informed them that a detention was NOT supposed to be so much fun!

An unusual brother/sister team, Collin and Eliza, came by this afternoon to record some of their songs and eat enchiladas.  When they asked if they could come, I readily agreed–what they didn’t know is that I planned on making them the subjects of an impromptu photo shoot.  The following are the results of an afternoon of great conversation, outrageous music, and more memories than I can document here!

Uh, Collin?  She’s eying your enchilada, buddy!

Collin the Goofball…

I was telling her about my Chicken Farmer at the time!

Mandatory artsy-fartsy shot.  Please forgive me…

I find her gaze absolutely mesmerizing.

Discovered in the fridge:  A year-old jar of asparagus sporting a lovely white fur.  Talk about non-traditional photography!    Those of you who have seen my fridge recently will be happy to hear that my mom removed most of the other furry items during her too-short visit here!

This is going in my Photography Hall of Fame…and not just because that’s my novel under her arm!

Collin the Romantic…

A brother and sister who love each other dearly…  Rare and moving.

More of those amazing eyes.

Choir class–as photographed by my mom.  It’s an odd blend of exuberance, hard work and total insanity.

Guess who got kicked out and had to spend time in the hallway?  Yup–same suspect!  My nemesis, Jackson.  And guess what one of his friends supplied him with?  Yup–the same old smoke machine.  He was DETERMINED to make a grand entrance, but every time the machine warmed up enough to spit out some smoke, I thwarted his plans.  The result?  This:

I believe he was saying a resounding “DUUUUUUDE!!!” when this shot was taken!  I love frustrating the plots of ne’er-do-wells.

Making a JOYFUL noise!

Now that the smoke (pun intended) of Candlelight, retreat and my mom’s WONDERFUL visit is settling, I’ve taken stock and decided that I am serene and joyful as I begin this last week of classes before a much-needed break!  I’m not sure what my plans are yet, but I intend to be spontaneous and have some fun!  I’ll be sure to keep you posted! 



  1. its intriguing to see the growth of your interaction with Jackson. I’m glad its been a growing time, since it seems that his plots could have put a few gray hairs on your head this year…not that you are anywhere near THAT age. sooo glad to hear that your mom was able to make a visit to see you all and just spend some great time with you. LOVED those pictures of the brother sister team, that picture of her on the sofa (with your book) was fabulous and the one where her brother is ‘a romantic’ is also fabulous. i thought that the smoke machine in the car though was the best thing i’ve ever seen. i pretty much laughed till i cried (only after i read what happened and was no longer aghast at the fact that there might have been an actual fire in said vehicle)

    your choir looks like such a blessing..while a small handful at times i’m sure as well.

  2. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude !!  Cheech & Chong live again!!!

    Why oh why couldn’t you have had a smoke-machine around when I was there?!? Oh! the potential…talk about making an entrance!! That’s even better (and whole lot less messy) than releasing a dozen doves whenever I enter a room, not to mention that the smoke just disappears on its own. (yeah.. PETA had a field-day with that particular brain-child…) Apparently, my need to enhance my public image cannot impinge upon the liberty & well-being of any number of fair-feathered fowl, regardless of the fact that I’m endowing the priceless gift of freedom on birds which otherwise would end up as a menu item under “Cornish game-hen” in some chic eatery…I’m not bitter; I’m just saying…

    You have a way with a camera that is very special, Michele ~ your students always seem larger-than-life in your blogs. Makes me want to get back into teaching…

  3. your shots are getting more and more automatically aesthetic.  that’s good in photography, because once aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc. become second nature, you can really focus on subject matter.

    hey, i got a chance to shoot some nudes that i wanted to you to look at…


    it was a serendipitous series of events that allowed me to spend time with this model.  ( i thought i’d throw that in there because i like the word “serendipitous.”)

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