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There’s a weird phenomenon happening on the court behind BFA.  It appears to be growing curly blond hair.  Shocks of it.  Shocking shocks of it.

It happened at lunch time.  A horde of hair-aggressors pinned Austin (aka. Caleb, in my mind) to the ground, only semi-willing, pulled out their scissors, and…

And he LET them do it!  He even stood up to make it easier!
Don’t be fooled by Nate’s (aka. Lief’s) apparent friendliness.  Moments before this picture was taken, he had pulled a can of “something” and a lighter from his pocket and attempted to BURN the hair off Austin’s head!  Seriously!  The wild fires in California would have been nothing compared to this inferno, had he fully succeeded in his arson attempt!  I think I might have lapsed into Aunt Michele mode–and I’m pretty sure Lief had never been subjected to it before.  He looked a little dumbfounded as he stowed his weapons after my icily uttered: “YOU–WILL–NOT–DO–THAT–AGAIN.”

The reaction of bystanders?  Memorable:

But you never would have known, minutes later, that a handful of juvenile delinquents had just committed an act of hair barbarism.  While Austin came to grips with his trendsetting new “fro-hawk” (Erin’s terminology), his hairstylists were all on their best behavior, faking rapt attention in a writing project and in no way looking like the perpetrators of massive hair sabotage.  That much concentration on Kristoff’s (aka. Tigger’s) face never fails to make me suspicious.

 A couple more pics–just ’cause.   This Santa (with his cheery elf) makes me smile…even if he does choose to don his “gay” apparel in the middle of a choir rehearsal.  Not that he really stands out from the rest of the “colorful” members of the male section…

Fall in Riedlingen…



  1. umm….so WHAT does he look like now?!?!

  2. The Fall pics are fabulous!!!  I still am in awe and wonder how you somehow have this magnetic pull for the “wild ones”…I am so glad you are a “safe” place and one who, though hidden, loves to celebrate, chronicle, and maybe secretly join in the crazy forray of enthusiasm!  Love you, dark haired “tiger-woman”!  Wow!  You even have spots! ;c)(freckles, that is)

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