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Another “party” Chez Phoenix…another stab at the chaos theory.  There were some new faces this time around…

…and some all-too-familiar faces too.

The occasion for the party was a pre-Rome celebration for our seniors–they leave tomorrow!  And we had the requisite Rome-themed dessert to mark the occasion.

Our post-dinner fun was the usual “let’s-all-play-with-Austin’s-hair” routine, of which the boys particularly seem to be fond.

The results?  Uh, less than appealing…in an 80s cheerleader kind of way.

There were other, less palatable forms of entertainment, which I’ll spare you.  We topped off the evening with a wild ride home to four dorms.  Cramming that many “morons” into a car is entertaining under the best of circumstances, but adding a folded-up bicycle to the mix makes it downright ridiculous, as the following picture proves!

It wasn’t long before Rachel was begging me to roll down some windows to reduce the…uhm… emanations from the back seat.  They were, apparently, just a tad noxious.

Upon returning home, I was greeted by the usual post-party scene of utter devastation:

Sigh…  I’m all for “making yourself at home,” but as I gazed at the remnants of what was once my living room, I found myself making a mental list of “rules” I plan to have tattooed into the skin of any future guests:
1.  You will not spill coffee on my white throw-rug.
2.  You will not attempt to wipe it up with a green napkin (turning the brown stain larger and greener).
3.  You will not try to undo that damage by spraying the growing stain with bathroom cleaner.
4.  You will not wipe your grimy feet on my white chair!
5.  You will not access my Facebook account and announce to the world that I am “in a relationship” and “love eHarmony,” prompting a flurry of eager questions and congratulatory wall-posts!  It was devastating to some of them to receive my disclaimer!
6.  You will not take 270 pictures with my camera, which I will spend half the night erasing.
7.  You will not play any games involving credit cards–ever.  Please.  I beg you.  Seriously.
8.  You will heed my Aunt Michele glare and undo, remove, fix, replace or apologize for whatever needs to be undone, removed, fixed, replaced or apologized for.
9.  You will not call me 2 minutes after I’ve finished preparing food for 10 to announce that only four are coming (thanks for “fixing” that by inviting every Tom, Dick and Jerry you crossed, Collin!)
10.  You will not tell me I ran over a rat on the way to Sonne dorm when what I need to hear is that said rat is doing fine and frolicking with his wife and children in the fields of Marzell!  I’m serious–any talk of dead animals could result in a disastrous display of tears and wailing and self-flagellation and desperate mea culpas to the gods of roadkill.

Have a fantastic senior trip, boys and girls.  Come back with lots of stories to tell at our next get-together…I want ALL the details!  Even the…ahem…enigmatic ones–if you know what I mean. 



  1. Okay, you have to have one of these crazy parties when I’m back there in December!
    It’s so wonderful to see my little brother Andrew in these pictures! I hope you have more chances to get to know him in the future. He’s awesome ! I hope he doesn’t break any of your “rules”. I can’t believe they made such a mess!
    Wow I didn’t know you were so sensitive about animals! and rats even?! Oh Michele…
    Hey, I miss you. I wish you were here to read my mind like you always do and to ask me questions that help me make sense of my life.
    I hope all is well!

  2. I want all the detail in everything…

  3. HEY HEY HEY – can i have your address for a reference??  please?

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