I’m in love.  Really, I am.  And I’m not ashamed to admit it.  With the beginning of the school year has come a flood of affection for my students, the odd and extraordinary creatures who populate my life.  After an evening of hosting ten of them in my home, I can only pass on to you some photos of the past week that might come close to showing you why they have carved out such a large nook in my heart.  They live there, loudly filling the space with their contradictions and predictability, their smiles and hugs and frowns and giggles, challenging me to become a better person as I watch them maturing into women and men of God.  They’re fascinating and fantastic and “fallenging” and (have I mentioned this?) I love them.  Here are a few of them…

It’s water in those glasses, but the occasion warranted clinking them anyway!

Squirt wrapped up in the “husband kit.”

Chris, aka. Taylor, aka. gorgeous.

Erin.  I’m going to write a book about her.  Better yet, SHE’s going to write a book about her.  She’s brilliant, you know.  All we need to do now is convince HER of that fact!

They came.  They saw.  They destroyed my couch.  All donations gratefully accepted.

Ten students in a small living room is a tight fit, but it’s well worth the scrunching.

Uhm….it wasn’t until after the fact that I discovered this picture on my camera. 
Lesson learned:  never allow a bunch of…hmm…creative guys to wander off unsupervised!  Ah, but the leverage I now have at my disposal…!  A note for the suspicious:  Their shirts are the only item of clothing missing in this picture. 

Beautiful.  I love, love, love them….  And I’m HOPING they’ll continue to invite themselves over–and frequently!–during the rest of the year.

NOTABLE QUOTES from the evening:

Bethany:  “Does anyone want to be our evil monkey?”

Merritt:  “My favorite fruit is…(not apples, not pears)…Elton John.”

Someone, to one of the guys:  “Put him down and get in the car!”



  1. This year is looking up, eh? 🙂

  2. Michele, I thought you didn’t like when people invited themselves over. Our small group would have gone to your house a lot more last year!

    I miss you!

  3. I agree with Merritt. Elton John is one of my favorite fruits too.

    Glad you had such a fun evening!!

  4. i am incredibly very insanely jealous that you get to hang out with them while i study my poor….off in college.

    miss ya

    ps. could you tell them all i said hi? and give them a hug for me. including the guys. yea. and ill try to send a cookie sometime to you. =)

  5. erin,

    you’re brilliant..

  6. how would you know if it was only our shirts?

    and………..too bad it’s not leaverage if

    A- it’s already out there

    B- you couldn’t embarass us if you tried (hehehe)

    C- it’s a two way street…………you have to envite yourself over as well


    i wish more than anything that i could have been there.  and that picture is incredible.

    i miss you.  and the fallenging people.  i heard you met my mom!  and she really liked you!

    i’m going to marry stargirl.  i just thought i’d let you know.  and you’re invited to the wedding.

  8. Hm. . .why, yes, I did get said book. 🙂 I kept wondering why you kept asking, until I found the thank you note I wrote you months ago unmailed under a pile of stuff. Ah, happiness. Oh, and my number (I have a cell phone, I’m a big girl now), is. . .no, I’ll be smart and send you a message on Facebook. Despite the fact that I hate the thing. I love you!!!

  9. Ok, why is this page so big? Thanks for your encouragement dear beloved friend!  Was I too overt?  I thought I was pretty toned down…small groups went delightfully well so it seemed to me with more kids showing up begging to join!  Ahhhh!  I love people!  I love you!  So…FAME will be when?


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