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It’s official:  the year has started and I’m onboard for the ride.  It began as it always does, with students who simply CANNOT be seniors (I refuse to believe it!) marching their countries’ flags into the auditorium for opening ceremonies…

(They’ve gotten no saner over the summer!)

…followed by a flurry of hellos…

…and wrenching goodbyes.

This will be a year of new challenges for me.  But as I’ve discovered in the recent past, the greatest challenges can yield the greatest joys.  And by the look of the ragtag bunch below, all members of my BIG choir, it’s going to be a semester filled with plenty of both!  It fact, I think it’s time to coin a term to describe the singular dichotomy of challenge and fun:  FALLENGING.  That’s what I’ll call it.  They’re a fallenging bunch–and that’s the way I like them!

(Yup, that’s 49 singers…at last count!)

It is with great anticipation that I look to the semester ahead–its surprises, its lessons and the type of fallenges that are unique to these rare and beautiful and talented and whimsical and profound and just plain ridiculous people.  I’m blessed.  I’m truly, miraculously blessed to get to know them.

And as the Inuits say to mark momentous beginnings:

“There’s blubber in the larder and a bear stuck in the hole.”

That’s a good thing…I think.



  1. looks like an amazing school year ahead. i can’t believe what a blessing it must be to be part of those lives. although i’m sure its not without those days of hairpulling insanity..but wow. it made my heart swell with such joy seeing those reunions, sadness as the families parting and yet the excitement of another year ahead. wow.

  2. whoa! Collin’s in choir?!

  3. i miss those goofball juniors.  mostly because i’m a goofball. 

    “fallenging”.  i like it.  “fallenging.”

    kristoff’s still thin as a bean pole, i see.  i love that kid. 

    i’ll see you guys at christmas, capiche?


  4. oops.  there is no 3 in my name.

    nate could grow a sweet beard.  i don’t usually like facial hair, but red beards are just incredible.

  5. so……..once again you saw that I was wearing my ‘the normals’ shirt and decided to take a class picture…………..that’s 3 for 3……………………..and kinda creepy

  6. I wish you a crazy Creative Writing class! I miss that class and the morons – collin & taeylr, silent adam, the lovely ladies and the koreans 🙂 Keep us updated!

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