Here’s what I think…

and I really, really mean it.

I’ve thought about it long and hard…

..hard and long…

and the long and the short of it is–

quite simply

and quite unequivocally

(and I say this with utter confidence in my diagnostic, cognitive and intuitive skills):

Chipmunks are cute. 


I said it.

Deal with it.



  1. i used to chase them with a trash can because i wanted one to keep as a pet.  my mom told me they all had rabies, every single last one of them, and i changed my mind about having a chipmunk as my friend.

    they’re cute, though.  i’ll give you that.

    (the word “yay” does not even begin to describe what i’m feeling right now.  i went grocery shopping, got toothpaste, shampoo, deoderant and shaving cream, got chinese take-out, donated to the salvation army, and chased the love of my life around the house today.  and it’s never been better than this.)

  2. I agree. They’re cute. I almost ran over one the other day and was so sad!!

  3. yeah. i never saw a chipmunk in my life until i came to grand rapids. i think theres a beacon or something that attracts half the chipmunk and squirrel population of the united states to calvin campus. theres a lot of em.

    chipmunks have to be though, one of the cutest animals ive seen.

  4. i completely agree!! how about we get that as a pet michele? we could name him after another soccer player what do you think?

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