Well, it seems everyone else has posted their wedding pictures, including the bride’s dad, so I guess there’s really no need for me to refrain anymore!  So…in addition to the pics posted in my last entry (below) and the numerous ones on my Facebook website, you can see more of the pre-, peri-, and post-wedding celebration by clicking on the following link.  Once you’re on the website, click on “View as Slideshow” in the top right corner, and VOILA!  You can adjust the speed by clicking on “slow/medium/fast” in the bottom left corner of the slideshow, once it has started.  Enjoy!

This dramatic moment brought to you by Overacters and Posers Anonymous…



  1. Fantastic photos! Well done Michelle.

  2. Mish.

    I mailed the Day Vow Day off this afternoon. I hope it gets to you! I wasn’t completely sure what were the zero’s in your addres and which were the “oh’s” so . . . yeah. Canadian addresses = crazy.

    I really hope and pray it gets to you soon.I’m going to DC with all the international kids. Check out the website! It’s https://bftf.org I’m on the staff page!


  3. michele…so i’m thinking we need to talk soon on yahoo but since i don’t know your schedual you will need to give me a time and day and i’ll try to be on..

  4. ..wouldn’t it be “overactors”, with an “o”,  O Vaunted Well of Grammatical Wisdom ??

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