We arrived in a storm after braving 6 hours in the Memphis airport due to a missed connection.  (No Elvis sightings…darn it!)  The storm made for some turbulence, but as I’m a firm believer in silver linings, I must admit that I was less impressed by the storm than by its product:

Colorado is a BEAUTIFUL state, and this particular area is rife with gorgeous views like the Garden of the Gods.  It’s in this garden that my wonderful friend Jane and I found a spot to share and pray after driving around the red rocks for the obligatory picture tour.

I spent two days with Sam and Jane, former Storch dorm parents and long-time friends.  They’re the type of people you can’t help but love…

On this particular evening, we sat out on their balcony as the sun set, reliving old stories of BFA days.  Sam is the type of father-figure every woman needs–he loves fiercely and honestly.  And Jane, for those who have read my novel, is very much like Bev in the story.  She is steadfast, spirit-led and genuine…and her accent alone is well worth the long flight to Colorado!

But my trip here wasn’t just to see my old friends.  It was to help celebrate my grandma’s…drum roll please…NINETY-FOURTH birthday!

We capped the celebration (the next day) with a MARATHON version of Monopoly, which had my exhausted mom pouting one minute (she was losing badly, you see) and laughing herself to tears the next:

My favorite mode of transportation while I’ve been here?  THIS!!  And–I kid you not–it has a kitchen sink, a plunger and a snowboard in the back of it!    (Note the fancy  camouflage jacket I found stashed behind the front seat…)

And then, to top it off, I got to spend a whole day with one of my absolutely favorite people.  Chance drove down from Denver to spend a few hours together.  We had my favorite Chili’s lunch (chicken fingers and honey-mustard sauce) then headed off into the hills above Monument to find a shaded spot in the forest and have a long, wonderful talk on a blanket under the trees.

It turns out he liked the shade so much…

…he took a wee nap!

Let me tell you something about people like Chance.  They’re honest and intelligent and caring and clear-minded and pee-in-your-pants funny.  And they’re simply too rare.

It’s not over yet.  Tomorrow is the BIG 4th of July celebration, complete with parades, concert and fireworks.  I’ll be sure to tell you about it!  Until then, here’s another eat-your-heart-out view of this magnificent place:



  1. Wow! It looks like you’re having a blast! I love Colorado. And when I saw the picture of you and Jane I thought to myself “I wonder if this is the person Michele based Bev’s character off of…” and then you mentioned it. Amazing.   haha… I totally forgot that it was the 4th of July today .

  2. I had my picture taken with Jane at that very same spot!!  I’m so glad you got 2 days with Woffords.  I’m having fun with the nieces and nephews.  Missing you!!  Glad you’re having fun.

  3. Hey! Ok, so I am working on the DVD before I drive off to Tab and Ryan’s wedding tomorrow. I did the editing and was pleasantly surprised that there was little hassle. I thought I had lost the footage off my computer, but I didn’t! So who hooo! Sorry this is so late though. Should I send this to CO or the other address? I still have to burn this before I send it (duh), so bear with me!

  4. ouch.  whatever “home” i have feels awfully far away right now.  i flew out of the Springs, so the Garden is one of the last things from my state i saw.

    garden of the gods is only cool if you get close enough to climb those rocks, by the way.


  5. Fabulous photos!  Your grandma is absolutely adorable and the family resemblance is uncanny!  The scenery shots make me eager to get there in a few weeks!  Good times and dear friends!  Can’t wait to see you here in Kentucky!  hugs, renee

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