Well, I’m currently living on this road:

…which runs along a creek that MORE than lives up to its name!  It’s right outside the house.  It used to be deep enough that we waterskied in it, and it’s now muddy enough that the Canada geese can wade across without ever having to paddle, which is great for geese who don’t like to exercize, but I’ve got a feeling we might be overrun with obese geese in the near future:

When I walk out the front door, I see this:

And a hundred meters down the road is this:


Just over the windswept dunes is this:


Here’s an assignment for my Creative Writing students:  Write a story or poem about the discarded clothes hanging on this driftwood!  PG-13 , please!  And in my free time?  I’ve been doing quite a bit of this:

No need to adjust your bifocals or perform a reality check.  No need to cause brain-bruising by trying to picture the scene either!  But I’ve got to tell you that tennis makes me HAPPY.  I love it.  And only those who truly understand the warped innards of my cogitative process will understand why the ball in the middle is called “Big H”…as in, “Hey, mom, I’m pulling out Big H, so tighten up your shoelaces and prepare to scramble!”  (I know, I know…playing my MOM doesn’t exactly qualify me as a world-class athlete, but she’s good, I’m telling you, she’s darn good! )

Port Franks is a lot like Mayberry–a very Canadian, very phlegmatic version of Mayberry.  But for all its peaceful (ie. flatline!) beauty…


… a closer look at some of the road signage might have a person wondering if the Mayberry thing is all a facade!

Yup.  That unexpected ammunition sign is right here on the beach–at the far end.  It marks the spot where the beach goes from being a public place to being a former army base that was taken over by a First Nation (Canadian Indian) group whose members apparently don’t want anyone trespassing on their “minefield” of a beach.  Of course, there are a few evidences that it might not really be a powder keg waiting to explode…sights like this prove that there might be a little partying going on behind the DANGER sign!


We had a major rainstorm tonight.  We’re talking geese and the chipmunks marching around two by two in search of a big boat!  Our response to the deluge went something like this:

Mom:  What are we going to do if the rain starts flooding the basement?
Me:  Uhm…I don’t know.  (I was watching Oprah at the time…)

Two minutes later:

Mom:  The rain’s coming in the basement!
Me:  Really?  (Shutting off the TV)  We should shovel some sand up against the door!
Mom:  What good will that do?
Me:  It’s like a sandbag without the bag!  That’s what they use on CNN!

Which resulted in this:

And guess what–it worked!  CNN might be the opposite of unbiased reporting, but its sandbags came through for us in Port Franks tonight!

And now?  Now I’m off to Colorado for a week, then to the WEDDING of Tabitha Grubb to Ryan Fultz!  I’ll be SURE to post pictures just as soon as the big event is over.  I got myself a hotel room with wireless for that very purpose!  So…there won’t be any new Xanga entries from me until at least July 7.

I’ll finish with one of my favorite pictures.  I took it at the beach the other night, after an 1 1/2 walk.  I think it’s stunning, but I can’t figure out why!  



  1. Michelly!!!!!!!!  I miss you and it feels like FOREVER since I got to give you a hug and see you beautifully charming freckles and sparkling dark chocolate brown eyes!!!  The books have not arrived yet, at least as far as I know…we are not staying at the address they should have been sent to, we are staying at the cozy blessed apartment of Tab and Ryan nestled in the woods of hilly Kentucky.  It has been the sweetest blessing to be a little family again with our little woman child almost wife.  Ryan is here when he can and we have enjoyed some precious couple times together…does it sound strange to say that we love them as more than our kids, but as dear kindred friends?!  We have talked about EVERYTHING!  Mama and Papa arrived today and are settled in their Hotel. We met with the Marriotts event coordinator today and that reception is going to be so special and Ryan is so wise about everything concerning it.  These two kids have grown up so much, but Tab has been ready to be pampered and “taken care of” by us. Talked to Alli tonite too.  Do you have a cell phone we can reach you at?  When will you arrive here?  We sure do appreciate your sacrifice in coming!  Can’t wait for you to hear the kids sing “your” song! sniff sniff!  I love you!  Your pics were wonderful and they truly minister to my spirit! hugs, Renee…I will email you Tab’s cell number where you can reach us.

  2. i love tire swings.  a lot.  i have a maddening tendency to crash headlong into the tree it’s tied to when i swing on them, and i’m sure that they’re part of an evil plot to weed out the weaker children through mishaps on dangerous toys, but i love them anyway. 

    there’s only one way i can think of to make your “canaberry” any better; it rhymes with “adventure club”.  (actually, it’s three things: me, collin, and kristoff.)

    i. love. colorado.  i’ll be back there from the 8th of august on, so i probably won’t see you, but you should head up to summit county if you get the chance.  it’s guaranteed to take your breath away every time.  (it’s an hour due west of denver on I-70.  really.  if you stay on the interstate going west you go through the outskirts of my home town.)

    tennis… i used to play a lot.  i liked the sound of the fuzzy green stuff hitting my racket and squeaky tennis shoes, but i lost interest in organized sport after middle school and haven’t played since.

    as for the indians; most parties feel like gross and budweiser is for people who are more interested in getting so wasted they can’t remember that they’re not living free any more.



       my story about the pg-13 beach attire is in the works, but i’m thinking about people who disappear.  or werebirds.  or the adventure club’s skinny dipping escapades.  (did we ever tell you about that?  we were skinny dipping when a german guy and his wife came into their yard and starting screaming at us.  we were washing each other’s backs at the time.)

  3. you and your mom shoveling sand so that no water goes into the basement… doesn’t that end up with mud-ish water in the basement?

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