If there’s one things the students know how to do, it’s “make an entrance.”  In this case, the entrance included driving rain, bare feet, and a large green tarp.  They walked roughly two kilometers over hills and through woods with their odd creation.

There were rumors that we were getting together for a poetry reading (Sonne staff was sadly misinformed…on many fronts…for which I owe them a massive apology!), but it had a lot more to do with coq-au-vin (chicken in red-wine sauce) and a classic 80s movie that hasn’t developed a wrinkle in twenty years. 

There are various techniques for watching movies in comfort and coziness.  Austin opted at first for my “husband kit” (the most yummy, warm blanket ever created and a floppy dog to hug…who needs a husband if you have the right accessories? ).  And Kristoff opted for something both warm (Austin) AND floppy (the hair), which created a scene that would be deemed…uhm…questionable on other shores!

Bethany and Merritt came a little bit later than the others, and Beth didn’t waste any time diving into my collection of scrapbooks. 

Merritt, whose allergies went into overdrive while he was here, spent his time devouring (at last count) six pieces of cake.  But he didn’t gingerly place a piece on a plate and eat politely on the couch.  Nooooo…that would be so not-Merritt.  He picked up the whole cake plate and kept in in his lap while he ate, sneezed, and blew his nose like the Atlantic ocean was slowly draining out of it.  I finally imposed a desert plate on him, if only to spare the cake from death-by-snot!

I loved the evening–and not only because I love the movie (as trivial and philosophically flawed as it is!).  I loved the evening because I love the students whose weirdness, exuberance and depth bring so much JOY to my life.  Here’s to many more get-togethers ahead!  And remember–YOU have to invite yourselves!


  1. yay πŸ™‚ we’re for sure coming over again soon πŸ˜‰

  2. So what classic 80’s movie did you watch?

  3. Oh wait…. is the title of this blog a clue about which movie you watched? Then I think I know…. good choice! :o)

  4. hahahahaha!! oh my gosh. Merritt’s allergies exploded too?? I wonder. we must be allergic to the same thing then. within minutes of walking into your house, I reacted the same! hahaha! ahh man. That was so much fun, MichΓ¨le Phoenix. Thank you so much for allowing me to weave my way into this little group if only for one evening! πŸ™‚ I might just invite myself over sometime soon again when it’s not a Creative Writing night. πŸ™‚

  5. Did you get my e-mail? just wondering what’s up and if I should expect the books. Another option you might want to look into is to send them to Kate Woodberry who is coming on June 2nd. That might give you some more hope. Rebekah

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