How do poets prepare for the biggest social event of the spring semester at BFA?  They launch themselves off high places into the arms of long-suffering (and hopefully sturdy) friends.  I blame the fresh cinnamon rolls I’d brought to class for the sugar high that caused the stunts!

Junior-Senior Banquet happened tonight, with all the pomp and circumstance BFA can muster.  The classy Storch ladies made their entrance in style…

…and posed for the requisite cheesy pictures such an event inspires!
(Note how stunningly gorgeous Ahram is!)

It always amazes me to see how well BFA’s ladies clean up…not that they’re ever unattractive!  But to witness the transformation from fresh faced teenage girls to poised and polished women is heart-warming and pride-inducing.

And speaking of pride, the dorm dads of our lovely ladies have every reason to puff out their chests and glow with fatherly affection!  Here’s Dave with his brood of Storch Chicks!

Former uber-dorm-parents like Lane and Michelle, whose posse of poser-boys kept increasing as photographers did their thing, are equally deserving…

…and their boys are not shy about expressing their affection!

The evening ended with a final picture of the most beautiful small group in attendance:

And I think Corrie expressed all of our thoughts at the end of a long evening with one meaningful facial expression!  I believe the subtext is:  “Uh…can I go home yet?”

One last word before I head to bed:  Lizzard, Fi, Nic, Shunny and Gracie…I miss your faces!  Being at JSB tonight reminded me of you and of how much of a hole you’ve left in my life.  I love you, ladies.



  1. wow…it’s been a whole year……the whole is still in my heart too!!! the pic of us all and you mish is in my mind….we were all so happy!!!!! I just wish we could all be together for a glorious night again!!! Wanna go to Macca’s?? Love you! so much and really really miss you!!! Hey, you are going to be at Ryan and Tab’s wedding….well so are we!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!! I get to see you!!!!!!! I can’t wait! Love you lots!

  2. yay for good times 🙂 you looked lovely by the way 🙂

  3. misell….. I miss you so much too… I cannot believe JSB happened….

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