And not a moment too soon…

It was my pleasure, on the girls’ first evening back, to take them into town for kebabs and ice-cream.  I’d like to say I was motivated solely by a missionary’s zeal to minister to her students, but the fact is–I kinda like junk food too!  And it’s always convenient to be able to blame a splurge on being a good chaperone!

I know, I know…  I’ve seen all the documentaries about the nastiness that goes into kebab meat (testes, anyone?), but it’s just so yummers to indulge in a yufka every once in a while!  (By the way, from the look on Katie’s face, it seems she saw the same documentary I did…)

The only ice-cream I like better than Kandern’s Italian Eis is the Italian Eis you actually get in Italy.  But in a pinch?  This will do nicely, thank you very much.  So nicely, in fact, that I don’t even have to order anymore.  The owners know exactly what I want before I even open my mouth.  Makes me feel like one of the customers of “Cheers,” except that I HOPE my trivia is more interesting than than Cliff Claven’s and I’d rather ignore the fact that I’ve grown some physical similarities to Norm.  (Liposuction anyone?)

There are multiple ways to eat Italian Eis in Germany.

1.  A cozy spot for “deux.”

Talk about shoveling it in… 

2.  While imitating a pretzel:

3.  With vigorous after-ice-cream exercise:

The students’ return hasn’t all been fun and games.  The daughter of a couple who works in Sonne dorm passed away during break, and BFA held a beautiful memorial for her last night.  I was reminded, as I watched the pictures of two-month old Anna Pearl flashing across the screen, of how tenuous life is.  I don’t think I live like it is…and I want to start working on that–for my sake and for the sake of any legacy I might leave behind.  What does that look like?  Seeking more urgently, loving more deeply, helping more freely, hoping more relentlessly.  Not an easy task, but I’m willing to take, appropriately, baby steps.

Much love to all of you.  And if you’re a student…I’m glad you’re back.



  1. “Seeking more urgently, loving more deeply, helping more freely, hoping more relentlessly.” -There’s something for a girl graduating from college in four weeks from today. (c:

  2. Thank you so much for taking us out

  3. you already have one deeply engraved in my heart….

    first pictures is hilarious by the way!

  4. I love the jumping pictures!

  5. haha some good times..thanks again for taking us! i’m gonna have to get these pics from ya..

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