I’ve spent the better part of the past six hours composing a poem to my friends and relatives stranded in distant places where winter means temperatures so cold they ought to be called “Simon Cowell” (study up on pop-culture if you don’t know who that is), landscapes so barren they ought to be called “Sarah” (review your Genesis trivia if you don’t get that one), and man-sized drifts of the icky white stuff so dismal and depressing they ought to be called…but I shan’t write the word here for fear of being censored by xanga! 

I slaved over the poem with creative zeal, trying with every fiber of linguistic skill to utter my thoughts as concisely and honestly as I could, and the result of much verbal sweating and right-brain cogitating is the following.  I trust you’ll appreciate it for its utter literary genius:

So sorry your toes succumbed to the frost
    So sorry your nose, red and chapped, bore the cost
So happy to be many miles from thee
Go ahead and admit it–you wish you were me!

Yup.  I’m Shakespeare, Dickinson and Donne all rolled into one (note the unintentional internal rhyme in that sentence), and I believe my poetry class has much to learn for the verse above–ie. don’t ever submit anything that tacky to me or you’re guaranteed a failing grade!  I took a walk down the street and into the hills this afternoon and thought I should torture my snowbound, frostbitten friends with a small taste of the horrendousness of a German winter.  Eat your hearts out, Canadians, Coloradans, New-Hamphirans and other victims of Siberian climes! 



  1. grrrrrrrrrr….

    a Canadian (and Manitoban, which makes it EVEN WORSE!!!)

  2. It’s unbelievable isn’t it? Spring this early in March! I think we’re all (happily) in a bit of shock.

    By the way, I think you mean Donne.

  3. those little yellow flowers remind me of being in kindergarten and the apple blossoms remind me of my old house. You don’t know how sad I am to be missing spring.

  4. i’m skulking on your site again =P cool pix

  5. representing boston’s north shore…

    its sad, isnt it, when i check the weather in the morning, see 10 degree F, and think “mmm… nice and warm.” ?

    ps. are you still tres busy or can i call you???
    bitte? 🙂

  6. I am relishing Spring too!  Except that now my sinuses have another battle approaching…cough, sniff.  I love your pictures!  Hey those zip files just don’t seem to read for me, could you send those “writings” again some other way?  Also, could we meet again BEFORE class on Thursday?  My knight wants to take advantage of the unusual warmth and ride me away on his steed…after these last weeks, I am ready!  “cowboy take me away”.  Steve is just finishing reading the last pages as I write this…hmmmm….I wonder if he’ll react the way I did?  probably not, but he sure has been engrossed!  Love ya…see ya soon!  hugs, Renee

  7. I mistakenly thought that you identified yourself as Shakespeare, Dickinson, and Donnie. Well, I definitely read that incorrectly. You probably do want to be like me, though.

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