My toes are dangling over the edge and I’m trying very hard to avert my eyes from the abyss of insanity yawning before me like an inevitable next step!

As time (and by “time”, I mean “every minute in the day”) is limited, I’ll summarize that chaos as succinctly as I can, namely in pictures.  My life for the past several weeks has been given over to “Candlelight Dinner Mania”…and it’s not going to improve until our three performances are over at the end of this week.  There are too many details to really keep track of, but it’s SO much fun too!    Here’s just a snapshot of things to come:


Note the subtlety with which Jack plays his guitar solo…and the fabulous Michelle/Renee duo on “Nine to Five” that’s going to bring the house down!

Since it would just be wrong to take on one challenge at a time, I decided that it would be a great idea to set TODAY as a deadline for sending my newest novel to the publisher.  Yup.  I’m insane.  So I got up at 7 this morning and spent six hours propped up in bed giving it one last review, then took a DEEP breath and clicked “send”.  It’s out there now–there’s no taking it back!  And it’s officially titled “Shards of Shell” because, frankly, there’s no better title for the story!  Stay tuned for release dates, etc…

And in the meantime, I’m still trying to keep my class running smoothly, still trying to spend time with the dorm girls, still holding down my post in the front office once a week, and still doing important things like driving my unsuspecting small group to McDonald’s (some of them in their PJs!), then coming home to my house to watch…uhm…well…an educational video.  Very fun.

Please note that Elyse is not really sitting there at McDonald’s with us.  We brought along a hologram of her that we set up on an empty seat because we couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her out of our party.  She’s a conscientious objector to the whole Mickey-D thing, you see, and is attempting to singlehandedly bring the behemoth to its knees by not eating Big Macs.  Seriously.  We love her for her convictions! 

In true Korean fashion, Christine ended the evening fast asleep.  Or maybe she was just trying to avoid the topics we were discussing…not sure!  But isn’t she the absolute CUTEST when she’s sleeping??

That’s it for now.  I’ll have many more pictures to share by the time a total of about 1,000 people have seen the Candlelight Dinner this week (that’s 450 on Wednesday night’s BFA edition, then about 400 on each of the official nights).  Until then–pray that the cold brewing in my sinuses won’t linger (I’m supposed to sing during the show–which is ridiculous when I’m also directing and producing it…what was I THINKING??). Most importantly, please pray that the whimsical program, a star-enchanted fantasy, will not only entertain our guests but also provoke serious thought.  The purpose of so many months of preparations is to reveal a side of God that is pertinent and engaging for our unbelieving German guests, and all the quality performances in the world will amount to nothing if that’s not achieved.



  1. a) I am so very glad you stuck with your book title, as well as the fact that it’s on it’s way to New York Bestseller fame. . .with you at the helm, of course. 🙂
    b) I hope Candlelight Dinner goes well. I’m sure it will, but you know, break a leg and all that. Because broken bones really make shows run more smoothly. Promise.

  2. I love pics…ahem…except the very rediculous lady part of the duo who looks like she has something up her patootie!  The pics of your slumber girls are precious!  Shards of Shell…well, you already know what I think of it!!!  I want a bunch of copies!!!!!  When will they come out?  The cool shoes…are they to wear or for decoration?  So amazing!  I love you and we will survive!!!  And you are not “out there on your own”!!  hugs and love, “Dolly”

  3. – Love what you guys did to the shoes
    – You’re crazy for setting a due date in the mist of chaos
    – I know what “educational” movie you’re talking about.
    – I hope Candlelight Dinner goes well
    – I hope you get LOTS of sleep and relaxation after Candlelight Dinner
    – Don’t miss Rat and I too much while we are gone.


  4. Can’t wait. Can’t wait to see the show. Can’t wait to read the book in published form. Can’t wait to spend time with you again!

  5. MICHELE….YOU ARE DRIVING ME INSANE!!!! stop being so cryptic…..!!!!

    besides that…i wish all the best for tomorrow and this weekend. i’m sure it will be wonderful and i’m DEVASTATED that i don’t getta watch it….*tear*

  6. michele, you’re a genius!!! i wonder when broadway will wake up and produce one of the amazing productions you’ve written!!!!! wish i could see “finding everland”! praying for you this week!

  7. how do you feel it went?

  8. you’ll uh…….have to hear why i told the kid that (in context)


    did you run away right after?

  9. haha………I had forgotten………….

    but now i know…….thanks

    dont die

    (I called someone a moron today……..and i was like “aahhh….my brain is being infiltrated)

  10. So when are you going to email me that copy? Here I put all this love and care into helping you with a title and all I get is a fuzzy picture of the front page. Sorry mish, that just doesn’t cut it. tee hee, I love you.

  11. Talented singer/director/screenwriter/author, how you even took the time to leave a comment on my xanga in the midst of all this craziness blows me away!  I so do not deserve your loving friendship!  So I will just thank you and thank my ABBA Father in everland for such an undeserved gift!!!  I love you and you sang marvelously!  See ya tonite! I can’t wait to debrief all this…had some good and helpful feedback last night!  hugs and love and best wishes, Renee aka Dolly ( would you believe a guy started following me around last night during dessert calling me Dolly! Ha!)

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