Change is not a terminal condition.


And Christmas will come again…right?




  1. aww…that is kinda sad. isn’t that the drawer you kept our ballots in?!?!

  2. either Christmas or Christ himself will come again.  Which obviously would be even better!  sorry didn’t mean to preach.

  3. Man, I know what you mean!  We took down most of our stuff on Sunday after JOsh left…so sad, but there is a fresh start feeling when the Christmas clutter is gone and there is room for new things, memories, people to cram into the space as is common in both our “worlds”.  I love you soooooo much, friend!  hugs to one of my favorite authors…Renee

  4. hey~~~ the little lamp moved over!!! that’s progress isn’t it?? hehe

  5. ooooooh – i love the pink walls! =) i just took down my christmas tree this week & it made me sad too…

  6. hey.. i’m wondering if you got my email..? back at school now. so are you, i guess! hope its going well and poetically.

  7. that will be the Junior english room on saturday…………………

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