So here’s my assignment for ALL of you:

Define yourself in one sentence.

I attempted it myself yesterday, as I was (horrors!) creating a Facebook profile (I feel like such a wannabe-young-and-cool-college-chick…ew).  The general result?

I am a kaleidoscope of far-flung thoughts and stagnant pain and errant dreams–
which hope and Heaven’s Hand bid flow back to each other and dance and delve
and dare and dawn into a miraculous, mosaical whole.”

I just spoke with Lizzard on the phone (sooooo good to hear her *earnest* voice) and gave her the same assignment.  I’d love to read your sentences too!  Oh–and they need not be as overly verbose as mine.  Something down to earth would probably be much more pleasurable.  My tenth grade English teacher used to scrawl, in bold red ink, “BE MORE CONCISE” across the top of all my papers.  Go figure.  I guess I’d concluded that if a picture paints a thousand words, a thousand words should draw a pretty darn good picture too!  Wrong again, Mishey-pooh.  Stick to stick figures.

So….who are you….in one sentence?




  1. That’s a good idea, but I’ll get back to you on that.

    Call me too!!

  2. I’m…phlegmatic, but also a little sanguine, but bits of melancholic, and some cholericness that shows up here and there.

    Okay, that was pathetic, but its the best I can do for now.
    Ahhhh, I’d give anything for Riedlingen.

  3. Hey I have a few random questions for you…would you mind possibly sending me the lyrics and chords or sheet music for your composition “You’re Not Alone”? Also how would you like to fly to Kentucky next summer to take lots of lovely photos of a certain someone in white and another certain someone in black? Anyway, I’d love to chat sometime. Could you send me your phone number or something? Thanks. Toodles.

  4. I am a weak and Strong, broken and Healed, foolish and Wise, failing and Sucessful soldier of God’s kingdom.

  5. I think “oof” sums it up pretty well. I’m working on somthing for real, but I’m really trying. 🙂

  6. so I’ve been thinking about your assignment and gave up.. and I think you don’t have that many comments because the assignment’s too hard.. hehe I think you’ll be better at describing me than myself~

  7. I hope you weren’t too late yesterday… thanx for your time though.. ^^ I’ll let you know how it goes…

  8. Are you ready for this?
    I am…..

    a creation of God, being sure of nothing save my desire to cling to my Maker, and also a little but sure that i am someone greatly uninterested in computers or politics, who finds it much easier to get along with people one on one (particularly family members), although greatly depends upon alone time to process everything, during which pen and paper is often involved as i tend to find great value in preserving lessons/experiences through writing, however cannot navigate because of a horrible, infact altogether absent sense of direction, which might be in part due to my inability to multitask, but am not too distressed by such a thing for I find great joy in an element of spontinaeity in my life (also am not two keane on spelling or grammar) because also i like to laugh and dance and have a good time and i like raisins too, and sometimes i pretend like i’m brave because no one else likes raisins, but really its just a false persona of bravery that i have a tendecy to put on in a lot of circumstances because honestly i’m often afraid, but not afraid of scissors because i enjoy crafty things (i.e. glue and paint, not mischeif) but only to a certain extend because my friend michele told me that i “straddle the fence” in a lot of areas and i think its true because i can only take so many artsy things and then i just go insane and start reading calculus books for fun, but thats a mental fun, not an emotional fun for which i would prefer to be cozy, that is big sweatshirts and cups o’ tea and hugging my knees, but i can’t stay that way for too long because i just flat out fall asleep, which happens often in random places very rapidly and made my ex-roommate Nicole, whom I like to call Nic for short, very jealous because she couldn’t fall asleep as quickly as i could, but i love her even though she was dealing with a lot of envy in that situation because she made me laugh and i love to laugh and talk to people that are optimistic and energetic and love God and also did i mention i like raisins?

    BOO yah.

    …not very poetic, though, huh? Yeah, i don’t think its exaclty what you had in mind, but i hope i made you smile. 😀

    ps. did you get my mailing address or did i email it into the abyss again?

  9. i am….me

    haha dont you hate my sentances!………..dont worry…this one was a joke………..but any other one was serious

  10. oh for the freedom to “cheat” like our dear lizzie did.  still working on the assignment.  i’ll probably come up with an answer some time in 2007.

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