’nuff said………..



  1. hey hey! i think our high for last week here in AZ was 118.. so i’m feelin ya. OH, mich i found one of the emails that i sent out into cyberspace before.. but i’m scared to try to send it again…. which email should i send it to??? and.. have you mailed my dvd yet?

    love you!

    ps. i have so many questions… (do you really think a picture paints a thousand words?)

  2. I’m SO SORRY!!!  The highest I saw this summer was 41C/108F…so you beat me.  It’s cool and wet here now (normal Kandern weather!!).  I had another meltdown this a.m. but made it through lunch and supper is easy so I think I’m going to make it through Day 1.

  3. Yeesh!!!!!

  4. Why did you throw your breakfast on the ground?

  5. What??? Where are you? Even Cali is not that hot anymore.

  6. wow!! I should really try that egg thing!! I didn’t know people actually did that.. I’ve been waiting for that reply of yours….

  7. haha you could get some nice breakfast without using yoru kitchen michele you gotta look on the bright side of it! tehehe

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