I’m off to the South…a trip that will log way more 1000s of kilometers on my mom’s cute PT Cruiser than I care to acknowledge at this point!  But I’ll see good friends along the way and I’ll get to brag about BFA’s students in two churches, so it’s all for a good cause.

I leave you with two pictures I shot in Paris last April.  They struck me as very different yet similar forms of safety–and made me wonder what it is in my life that makes me feel safer.  So…what makes you feel secure?  What’s your “security blanket”?  If you were in deep trouble or stressed beyond belief, what would you reach out to for comfort?  (Other than God, of course…!)  Seriously, I’m curious.  And FYI, I’ll be travelling with my own form of comfort:  a huge, floppy dog (stuffed animal) that is SO comfortable to use as a pillow in the car!  Ask Mari Ellen–I bought her the same one in a different color for Christmas last year.

Oh, and Storch seniors, I’m still missing some of your addresses.  Email them to me quickly so I can get the DVDs off to you.  I’ll still be checking emails waaaaay too often as I travel!  Hey, a missionary’s entitled to an addiction too, you know.

My love to every single one of you!!




  1. I don’t get the second picture… what is that? you still have my address right? did you get my email? I need the gift card really bad… well not the card itself but what I’ll buy with it… hehe! my security blanket… is being by myself in a bed with my diary and bible… I had a lot of others that didn’t last… so I just decided to settle with this one… ^^

  2. Michele, a PT Cruiser…how cool is that!!!!!  Say HI to Sally and to any others I know that you bless with your presence.  We are back in the quiet village of Riedlingen…empty house.  We did have a wonderful trip…3,600 km total!  The angels were definitely on duty even when I had a bit of an anxiety attack in Manchester when there was heavy rain and a scary sidewind! How are you? I feel so out of touch…love ya and miss you…

  3. MICHELE! wow its been a while since i wrote on this..well just watned to stop and say hello and you’ll see me with a new nose when i get back got surgery on wed..how exciting huh! well can’t wait to get back and get back into the michele dates!

  4. I can’t go anywhere without my People magazine.  No wait, that’s someone else.

    meine addresse hab ich zu ihn geschickt.

    I sent it to you. But you knew that, your German is Wunderbar!

  5. Michele.  Am glad you come towards the beautiful South.  May it welcome you as the only part of the United States worth mentioning.  Where will you be?  I am in Charlotte. 


  6. mich…. i’m sitting on a couch right now and its actually comfortable! (i.e. camp is over!!) i really want to talk to you. well, ALL of you… but yes, alright. i’ll be sendin’ you the address soon, no worries love. just heads up, it’ll have an AZ zip code. i’m spending the day with my dad in nyc tomorrow and then i’m off to AZ. soOoOoO… can’t wait to talk to you and talk to you and talk to you! um.. whens that gonna be??? 🙂 let me know. hope all your church thingos have been going splendidly. i miss you like a monkey misses bananas.

  7. Michele!! Finally! Internet access!! Anyways, I’m in Cali now. Call me sometime because I know that you’re DYING to call me. The number’s in my xanga. Cya Michele!

  8. the big metal ring in the ground, no question. hey?! what was up with the French? did you “happen” to see the game where Italy (the team you and I watched play as Ricky played with Horatio) beat the old folks home? BEAUTIFUL penalties on my ancestors behalf… just beautiful. how’s the movie going? is it still working and all that good stuff? and how is your scheming going? any takers? 

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