What better place to watch the USA/Italy soccer game than in one of my very favorite haunts….  The Mulheim Mezzo, which is apparently deemed “off the chain” by certain members of BFA’s student community.  I’m told that’s a good thing, though being “off the chain” evokes images of terminally mangled bicycle chains or escapes from a prison chain-gang. 

But as my favorite Mezzo dates are currently in the States, Austria, Korea and soon Australia, I had to settle for two slightly less stellar companions:  TWEEDLEDUMB (left) and HORATIO (right).

I was missing Storch’s seniors soooo badly that Horatio fished a picture of Lizzard out of his wallet and displayed it on the table.  We had a (very brief) moment of silence, after which Tweedledumb had to wrestle Horatio into submission so I could take a picture of the picture.  I caught a couple annoyed glances from patrons at other tables, but lacked the German skills to explain to them that dinner-table wrestling is an acceptable therapeutic technique in the US of A…  Horatio had just finished day number 2 waitering at the Rose Garden and seemed intent on telling us about how bad his day had been over and over and over and… “ad nauseam”.  Good thing we both like the guy or we might have had to resort to strategically placed duct tape!

The game was sufficiently tense to keep our eyes on the giant screen on the wall and off the couple sitting next to us who were being…shall we say…very “friendly” with each other.  I’m pleased to report that MY prediction for the game results were absolutely correct, even though Tweedledumb tried to convince me that there were no draws possible at this level of the competition.  HA!  Proved him wrong.  Now if only we’d actually wagered something of value on it!  Like…say…a Porsche.

The other notable actor in our memorable evening was our waiter, whom we affectionately named Rickey.  He was so very proud of his English prowess, so very helpful, and so very friendly to Horatio.  Made us wonder, really–what with the private smiles, frequent glances and all….  And the particularly fetching shade of lipstick he was wearing didn’t exactly put Horatio’s qualms to rest.  But oh, how we loved watching him squirm! 

Tweedledumb was his usual self, which is a combination of wildly entertaining and surprisingly profound.  I was just telling one of the girls a few days ago that I hadn’t realized I’d missed him these past two years until he came back for grad.  And then it was a long series of mental, “Aw, I think I’ve really missed the boy!”  And I promise that the fact that he’s currently putting together my deputation DVD has nothing to do with anything!  (Memo to Chris: I can track you down in Nigeria if I have to!!  Or is that Niger?  Okay, it’s Niger….)

Meanwhile, when I’m not watching soccer, I seem to be spending every waking moment creating scrapbook pages to commemorate the big events of the year.  Strange…there seem to be an awful lot of pages devoted to the Storch Seniors.  Go figure….!  That just means you’ll have something to look at when you come back to visit! 

Love to all of you–


PS:  My prediction for this evening’s France/Korea game is 2-1 for France.  Anyone care to get in on the action??  Name the currency and your prediction! 



  1. reading your posts is really fun. esp when i’m in one! haHA.
    i have a couple things i would like to say (and i will be sanguine? choleric? … the straightforward one, about it)

    1. The salt shaker looks like a milk bottle in the top picture.
    2. Interesting portrayal of the whole you “missing seniors like mad” section. At least the wrestling is there. 🙂
    3. In truth, you and me won our predictions. Horatio lost. You said draw, I said Italy will score two goals… and they did.
    4. You will have a hard time finding me in Nigeria since I’ll be in Niger! I guess i WON’T finish this DAY VOW DAY (that’s german…)

    … back to The Bfa students being Honest…

  2. haha~~ I knew horatio would be there!! and I love the picture of leez… hehe~ oh and guess what.. I went shopping today and figured out that I’m much larger than I thought… I think I tried on at least 8 pairs of pants trying to figure out what size I am!! sigh… I really miss the mezzo… and mcdonalds of course… and I wish I could see this year’s scarpbook, dang it!!

  3. Hey YOU! Save a couple pages for pin-ups and portaits of me. Man, I wish I had gotten special treatment from you, all i got was scarring and emotional damage. Hehehe

  4. Mezzo Mezzo Mezzo…

  5. 2-2 is my guess…

  6. as I said…. I’m guessing 0-0… well.. may be 1-1… haha but that’s too realistic… being more optimistic I’d say…. 0-7~ korea mercies france~~~ haha!!!

  7. who cares about that french stuff really. i should be mad at you for the things you say on here, but ya know, it’s your french upbringing that makes me ok w/ it all..

    uh, so im calling you soon to tell you about my day today. and tweedledum too, you both deserve to hear about the circuit boards catching on fire, and me spilling expresso on some poor chap.

    ps dont forget about rickey’s smiles at you, and when he dimmed the lights every time he came to our table.. and you forgot to mention how FRENCH the couple beside all of us were. peace out cougar! hahaha

  8. haha.. i just wanted to virtually laugh because of h’s comment. hahha.
    and by the way, i bet they tie 1-1 but i bet korea’s goal is really lame and barely goes in. and zidane gets a yellow and can’t play in the next match. AND, that… that’s all i remember. ciao cougar.

  9. AND. Thanks for the info about changing the music. I tried to copy it from the Frantz’s and your’e right, it didn’t work there. Too “scuttled”. Another thing: do you want your name at the beginning? or should i put “tentmaker movies” and “Cougar” at the end? no seriously, let me know what you want. No diff to me.

  10. For anyone interested, my prediction was DEAD ON!! So I win the virtual Porsche. Yes, the game technically ended in a tie, but the ref didn’t allow the goal that was scored about half way through the game. They showed the replay over and over and over and the ball clearly was inside the goal before it was hit back out.

    Silly ref…..

  11. mezzo……aaaaaaaaah, mich, i want to be there soooo badly! RIGHT there, in the picture, with the two cheeky boys with.. um, somewhat dodgy smiles…
    oh man.
    did you order an alcoholic beverage?? you know, I have.
    i did something else, something else i told you i was going to do to officially grow up. do you remember what it was? it begins with a “w”. or… it could begin with a “b” depending on how you word it.

    …i just want to talk to you.
    this is so weird.
    i’m going to bed.

  12. LESS STELLAR??? come ON cougar!

  13. mich… can you email me your digits? TODAY!

  14. after we hung up, i packed for a little bit… and then i called my brother. 🙂 he said i should decide on whatever food i want to eat in the whole world tomorrow night, b/c we have a dinner date in nyc! i love you mich… thank you for tonight.

    oh… and who’s rickey???

  15. Don’t forget tweedlefreakingdumber. Wish I could be there also! I felt like the only man in California watching the game. Just brutal. Our university’s mascot is the cougar by the way, a sure sign you should join the drama department here. Nice to see you in Kandern. Nice to see you digitally here.

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