I’m told there’s no time left for chit-chat, so I’m going to be succinct.  Here, in random order, are my basic rules for living!  Do with them as you please…

  • Say please, thank you, and “how may I help you” as often as humanly possible.
  • When in doubt, wash your hands.  Seriously!
  • The hardest choice is usually the right choice.
  • Never blame God. 
  • Nobody else is going to guess or meet your needs–pursue them yourself.
  • When someone shows you their true colors, believe them.
  • Reserve your trust for those who have earned it.
  • Toilet brush–’nuff said.
  • Everything you do at home should not necessarily be done in public.
  • Life is a masquerade–take the time to look beneath the masks.
  • Treat yourself as you would want your child treated.
  • Part of guarding your heart is keeping it at a safe distance from anything that might harm it…don’t venture into unsafe territory and gamble that you’ll be able to resist.
  • Head & Shoulders, Speed Stick, Dr. Scholl’s Foot Deodorant.  Really.
  • Whatever you might be plotting, take a moment to consider the effect it might have on others, then decide whether it’s worth doing or not.
  • Accept the mystery of God.
  • Dust bunnies are not lethal.  Pick your battles.
  • The only person you can change is yourself.
  • “I embrace my freckles, I embrace my freckles, I embrace my freckles…”  Sigh.  Okay, so I didn’t even convince myself on that one!
  • In general, people aren’t weird or dumb or stupid.  They’re just different than you.  And that’s okay. 
  • Wearing your heart on your sleeve can get messy…especially if others are using it for a napkin.
  • Dieting is of the devil.  Sadly, so are multiple chins.
  • French Fries, however, are a gift from God. 
  • You start each day with a limited amount of energy available to you.  Use it wisely.
  • If something bothers you and there’s something you can do about it, do it.
  • If something bothers you and there’s nothing you can do about it, don’t waste your valuable energy on it.
  • Love.  Love those who deserve it and those who don’t.  Love the lovable and the unloveable.  Love when you feel like it and when you don’t.  Love friends and love strangers.  Love yourself.  Love your enemies.  Love life.  Love God.
  • Cling to hope with all your might.
  • If you feel that God is hurting you, ignoring you, rejecting you, or harming you, question your conclusions–not Him.

That’s it for now…though I’m sure I could come up with a hundred or so more!   Just so you know, I have cherished every moment I’ve been able to spend with you, beloved seniors, and I’m looking forward to every second still ahead!

And you wonderful non-seniors, I can’t wait for next year!

I love you all!




  1. Thanks for your profound posts of late (well, actually, they’re always profound, but I especially appreciated the last two). I hope the kids really listen to your wisdom – they’re so blessed to have someone like you who is willing to speak from your own painful lessons from the past (how many?) years. I don’t really remember how I reacted to the BFA “enema”…probably a combination of the options you listed. Pretty normal human defenses against the pain, but normal doesn’t necessarily mean inescapable or best. To the students who read this: listen to this sage of a woman!
    Hope you’re doing all right, through the whole end-of-the year schebang. I’ll be there next year! Maybe I’ll even be getting…well…I won’t say that…but maybe!(c:

  2. freckles are cute!!! what’s wrong with freckles…i wish i had em!…and about me posting deep entries…don’t expect you out of me. i can’t help that i don’t have your way with words…or even your profound thots….but i can try. sometime…i’ll write something profound just for you!….you’ll see.!!! hehe…

  3. You’re sooooo girly…gosh.

  4. ms. phoenix you never took me out for coffee to have out little chat about all my questions! michele!!!!! 😉

  5. I’m leaving a comment.


  6. Of course, I WILL NEED YOU!!!!!!!  Will you make some of your famous brownies for it?  My house is currently quite full of LOVE these days…and I am actually doing well.  Trying to carpe deum with Tab!  It’s nice to see her “glowing” again…;c)

    hugs and love, Renee

    P.S  I guess I have a work permit for next year.

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