It was an epic battle resulting in

The thrill of victory:

…and the agony of “da feet”:

(defeat…”da feet”…get it?  As in, “the agony of defeat”.  Please laugh on the dotted line: ……………………………………  Is it just me, or am I channeling Mr. Bateman??)

The rugrats came on strong, all big talk and fancy form:

But they soon realized they had been overconfident:

You see, they hadn’t counted on my Lucky Socks.  NO ONE beats the lucky socks!

The verdict was brutal – “Bang!  You’re dead!”

And while the old hags gloated:

The nasty little weasels, who had previously called themselves “wicked sweet bowlers”, came to grips with their stinging LOSS:

As the game drew to an end, I concluded “There is a God, and He’s running the scoreboard!”

The sore losers made empty threats:

But I quickly smacked Squirt into submission:

Which thoroughly entertained beautiful Ahram:

In all fairness, we all ended within 13 points of each other, which Squirt deemed “Thiiiiis close!”

But the results were in, and despite the ongoing harrassment from the defeated two,
Squirt couldn’t help but declare me her hero:

I can’t wait for next year’s championship, little ladies, and at the risk of repeating myself…

“We’re gonna whoop your butts!!” 

PS:  By the time our next tournament arrives, I hope to have just 5 chins, as opposed to the 13 featured on these photos.  “If a picture paints a thousand chins…”  Let’s all sing along now.



  1. 13 chins? These pictures must be the type that you have to stare at for forever before certain features come to light. I’ve been looking and looking.

    In other news, you all look so beautiful, and as though you had a blast. I’m absolutely thrilled for, and just a little jealous of, you. 🙂

    I love you all dearly.

  2. what what??!! you my hero??! of course your my hero..and you guys just wait until next year you will never see a “wicked sweet bowler” again! thanks for taking us..;) and mari ellen your going down next time!!!

  3. Michele, I had no idea you were a bowler!  Go girl!  Great pics and story!  Made me laugh and I needed that!  Thanks!  love ya, Renee

  4. We wuz de best! fun times, ahram and alyssa. thanks for letting this ole lady join the party!!

  5. I saw these and had a great laugh about them.  It’s so Ahram and Alyssa…it’s just not even funny!!!

    I wanted to tell you:

    1.  I DID TOO ORDER MY BOOK FROM YOUR SITE!!!  Shame on YOU for thinking I would go against your instructions!!!

    2.  I’ve already recommended your book to a TON of people.  The night that I finished it (it was like 2am), I sent an e-mail to the MK Pastor at my mission and recommended that he read it and recommend it.  I also spent a lot of time reading at work (the Starbucks lobby is a great place to show off good books) and gave everyone who asked about it the website.  The first person got the little bookmark that came in it.

    3.  I’m glad that my thoughts encouraged you.  I was seriously afraid that it would totally destroy your hopes for what people would get out of it.  I did understand the point and I cried and ached for the students that came to my mind as I thought about the “Bens” in my life.

    Michele, THANK YOU for loving the kids.  I know I’ve said that, but I can’t tell you how much it means to me.  I miss them so much and it’s so nice to hear about how God enables you to love them.  It’s something close to what I hoped to be able to do…so, again, I say, “THANK YOU!”

    Take care!


  6. Wow that was exciting!!  Have I ever told you I’m a wicked good tap dancer.


  7. haha.. seems like you guys had tons of fun.. thankful for the memories.. anyhow..

    can’t belive you are doing that v sign in the picture…

  8. I figured if I was going to live in a make-believe world…I’d pick the hottest there was! 😉  The pictures are great…glad to know that the girls are being well taken care of!  (I miss being there…was hoping to come for graduation…but you’ll just have to carry a picture around of my face all day so it will be like I actually was there!) 

  9. KDubs, otherwise known as Karen, is one of the coolest people I know. Like you. Must be somethign about that birthday that’s under some special direction from God or something. Very selfish. . .less coolness for the rest of us. 😉

  10. Awww, come off it!  You’re beautiful…

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