It was time for another spring party tonight…and time for another general soaking.  Storch seniors looked lovely despite the ickiness.  (NOTE:  The alert readers among you might notice the honorary Storch senior who snuck into the photo gallery!  I have only four words to say:  cat–intersection–narnia–photo.  Those in the know will know what I mean…)

Captions are ABOVE the following pictures:


Soooo cute.  One of my first principals at BFA was famous for saying “Why do people hug so much at this school??”  Things evidently haven’t changed in 22 years…

Shades of things to come?

I did the “walk in the woods” test on him during the party.  Iiiiiinteresting!  Let’s just say a swiftly running river was involved…   Hence Alanna’s “cat that ate the canary” expression. 

Did you know that Sun Min means “coward” in Korean?  Seriously.

Nicole is looking absolutely GORGEOUS these days. Look at her!  She’s stunning!

His name is Jeremy (sorta).  He’s a phlegmatic sanguine.  He’s cute as can be (in the “handsome” sense of the word), has a killer personality, and I desperately want someone I know to fall in love with him so I can be a witness to the budding relationship.  And you’d get a dynamite sister-in-law out of it too…  Any takers?  Anyone?  Anyone??

Sigh…  I drove home tonight thinking of how much I love Storch’s seniors.  Every year, I’ve told myself that this was it–I wouldn’t love the next ones as much as the old ones.  Then this bunch of lunatics came along and…well…I was wrong.  Very, very wrong.

Soggy Gracie.  She wore a skirt as a decoy but got soaked anyway.  Notice the slow pace at which my favorite phlegmatic is seeking revenge.  At this rate, she’ll get even in 2015…

Ah, the joys of being wrapped safely in a man’s arms….!  Except that in this case the man is really a boy and he happens to be hanging around girls in the hope he’ll avoid the next bucket of freezing water being wielded by testerone crazed guys.  But hey–PDA is PDA, right?

With love love love for my girls girls girls….



  1. jeremy eh?

  2. Hey Michele. You know, if I had had a bucket of water, you would have been numero uno to get drenched. HAHAHA. Come bug me sometime soon.

  3. Awesome pics!!!

  4. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

  5. awww Mish…I love you so much, and I feel so horribly bad that we did not call you last night. Everything kind of fell through. A couple of girls ended up going over to Maugenhard, and the rest of us stayed here…..and we didn’t call to tell you… I’m so sorry! Can we make it up to you? how? do tell…..b/c I actually do feel pretty bad…so does Liz. We are sorry!!!

    Thanks for posting these pics 🙂 They are great…I laughed at the caption above the pic of me and Clara you’re a funny one !

  6. I agree with Ryan, AWESOME pics.

  7. Hello!

    I sit here at my desk.  It is 1:57am and I have been shifting through various positions for the last 3 hours, totally unable to put down this book I’ve been reading.  It has been with me since I got home from work around 4 this afternoon.  Michele, I don’t really have words to express what I thought, but I am looking at this monitor through red and puffy eyes, with a bright red nose to match.  Thank you for loving the kids at BFA…more specifically, though, thank you for loving “my” girls.  I know they’re not mine, but but they are so dear and knowing that you are there is somehow more comforting than anything else…knowing that you are there loving them…

    Anyway…thanks for your book…thanks for your love and your care…I know they need it!


  8. mich… you’re awesome. true dat to what finona said… can we make you a lemon cake??? 😀 well i’m gonna go work on my article for narnia, er, chronicle. teeheehee….

  9. How embarrasing!!  I can’t believe that you called me “gorgeous”, you YOU YOOOUUU!!

    okay, it was kinda nice. hehe.

    I love you michelle, I’m really sorry about not coming friday night…we might be able to make it up to you though. hehe!

  10. MICHELE!!! I’m SO excited to see you!!! I’m counting the days!!! (some things never change :P). I miss you and absolutely can’t wait to see you! 🙂 love you.

  11. Michelly, thanks for missing me and for the full of life pictures of so many I love from the Spring Party!!!!  My heart is full and I want to hear all about everything and share some cool new things with you!!!!!  hugs and love and hey, it’s Tuesday…isnt’ that OUR day?!?  Renee

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