Ah, Paris!  Comme je t’adore!!!

Just back from 48 action-packed hours in the city of love with…well…Mari Ellen, but hey, if it can’t be George Clooney. she’s the next best thing–for entirely different reasons!

Day one was:  Mont-Martre, P?e Lachaise (cemetery), Notre Dame, St. Germain des Pr? (church), the Champs Elys?s (Planet Hollywood!!), and the Eiffel Tower.

Day two was:  Back to Notre Dame, where Mari Ellen went to see an oh-so-cool church…and I got to sit in my very favorite spot.  For YEARS, I’ve taken tourist boat trips around Paris with various choirs and classes, and I’ve always passed the tiny point at the tip of Paris’ main island (Cit? and wished I could sit there for a while and bask in the sun like I’ve seen so many others do.  Well, today *I* was the one sitting there with a good book (all alone, no less!) and imagining people going by me on tour boats wishing they were in my shoes.  Of course, I had to steal a garbage bag out of its metallic brace and sit on it in order to avoid getting doggy-poopy on my pants, but the experience rivaled anything else I’ve ever done in Paris!  The picture of my “pointe de l’ile” moment is now my profile pic.

When Mari Ellen had finished with the church, we struck off randomly in a direction we hadn’t been before and saw the Luxembourg gardens, the Pantheon, a variety of incredibly beautiful sites, and a bunch of student strikers who have pretty much paralyzed the country at one point or another in the last couple of weeks.  French youth crippling the capital in protests over a law intended to make it easier for them to get jobs right out of school…  Gotta love the sublimely ridiculous rebellious spirit of a nation whose main mode of bonding is building barricades together.

I must reaffirm that Paris is by far my very favorite city in the whole wide world, at least the parts of the world I’ve been privileged to know!

I’m pasting a couple photos below and the rest can easily be viewed as a slideshow at:https://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/shelleyphoenix/album?.dir=/4f4f&.src=ph&.tok=phUt6rEBdaaokr9u

As you’ll see, the trip began in snow (argh!!!) and ended in perfect weather….  We were both happy campers.




  1. So purty! Teehee. I’m in a giggly kind of mood. . .

  2. Can I just say that those are some amazing pictures?! 

  3. Looks like you’re having loads of fun michele.  How can that be without your good ol’ Jeremy to keep you on your toes, (or in your case your crutches…)  hahaha.  I’m living it up here in Turkey, family time and movies and walking around MY fav city.  When are you gonna come visit?  Come this summer when emily’s here.

  4. Couldn’t have said it better myself! Thanks for the ever-so-flattering pic!! Thanks most of all for sharing your beloved city with me!

  5. Michele,  we are back!!!  Great stretching, but delightful trip with the J-team!!!!  I love each of our teamsters!!!  So we need to plan a Paris trip, you and I!!!!!  So glad you had some wild crazy times with MariEllen, two of my favorite peoples!!!  Call me when you can!  I can’t wait to have my first night of hopefully un interrupted sleep! love ya….

  6. Well my friend, thanks for biting on the hook. I can’t really explain it other than to say that I just got done watching what has just become my favorite movie, Elizabethtown, with my two chums, Benny and Brian, and find myself wondering which one has my affection. Benny and I established yesterday that we are in fact not dating, though he’s the best friend I’ve ever had and I probably love him more than I’ve loved anyone in the world…but right now is not the right time for us to be “together” (maybe later). The other is presently doing some (I’m not really sure how much) vying for my affections, and dare I say it, I may return some of them. But you know, it’s complicated. Meanwhile, I am enjoying both of their attention. It’s kind of a long, enduring affection thing versus immediate, flirtatious affection. AHHHHH! Please pray for me! Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love…all you need is love…doo doo doo doo doo…all you need is love. I’m going to stop writing an e-mail in this space now. Love ya, Alli

  7. Hey! You changed your pic on your profile!! wait, didn’t you have more pictures up?

  8. Michele, well, if you have some miraculous cure for my sick hubby I would be grateful!!  He has that nasty seemingly yearly affliction of a cough again and a fever…sigh.  I am feeling fine, just a little congestion and occasional cough.  I want to play….anyway…what are you up to this week?  Tell me your plans…I want to see you!  Check out the trip pictures on the web…good times!  hugs, Renee  I think we will be hopefully hosting a viewing of Room with a View for Collin and some of the other teamsters, wanna come?

  9. michele,

    love the pictures from paris. Read your book in two sittings! It was great. Thanks for writing it!

  10. mich… i just wanted to tell you that i restarted your book, and finished it in two days.
    wow… you have captured a lesson that i think every human needs to learn. when we were having that one conversation earlier this year, now i know why you said “i wish you would finish my book!” i wish i had read it earlier. love you. -liz

  11. Hi Michele! I was dying of curiousity too, but then we got the yahoo groups email thing and Sarah Jackson is pregnant! I still can’t believe it… I’m still not used to this whole “every week it’s someone new who is getting engaged” phase of my life, and now adding babies to the mix is not helping me with this transition to “adulthood” or whatever they call it. But yeah, Sarah Jackson is having a baby, which I think is really cool 🙂 I’m studying that right now, so I know exactly (sorta) what is going on, it’s pretty interesting. Paris looked like so much fun! I hope you’re enjoying the rest of your break! I’ll see you in 52 days!!! yay!!! I love you, have a great day 🙂

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