Okay, so I trotted across the Riedlingen valley yesterday to watch a movie with my buddy Renee, her phlegmatic posterchild hubby, and her bubbly friend Bee.  At least, that’s what I told myself as I got closer and closer to a house where I knew popcorn would be flowing in insanely vast proportions for the next two hours…  The movie.  I was going for the movie.  Really.  Too bad my scales told me otherwise when I didn’t-quite-hop on them this morning.

I’d seen the movie before–and highly recommend it.  A tad (read: a LOT) futuristic, but with some philosophical undertones that are very 2006.  And a couple kisses that are most definitely worth further study.  When the main character, who has never been exposed to “life” outside his gestational universe, asks his friend who God is, the friend answers:

“You know, when you want something really bad–so bad that you close your eyes and wish for it with all your might?  Well, God is the guy who ignores you.”

Profound, no?  And a decent description of what a majority of people probably think–at least subconsciously.  Do I ever wander into that territory?  Perhaps…  I hope not.  But I’m afraid it might be a common side-effect of the human condition. 

So…how common do you think the attitude is?  And how can we combat it?  Just curious…




  1. Maybe that character got his wish, when God took him out of that nightmarish existence?!?  I wonder…oh the things we say and do that must make God heave deep sighs…sigh.  We are so ignorant and arrogant sometimes, eh?  Glad you came over to join the fun and thought-provoking film!  I love you, friend!

    hugs, Renee

  2. and the movie you recommend would be…..????

  3. oh….never mind…i just realized it was the title….that didn’t show up on my email! hehe….just ignore me…i’m a retard!

  4. Didn’t even C.S Lewis once say in “A Grief Observed”. “…God, a very absent help in time of trouble…” my paraphrase. I think it is a very common perception. How to combat it ? …. in our own small way – continue being the hands and feet of Christ to touch and serve those who are hurting, seeking and doubting.   Now on another note… Thankyou for your gift to Fiona & Scott, the whole deal just blew us away. The joy of it all is contagious and the giving hearts – inspiring. Bless you. Fiona’s Mum  J. ><>

  5. Partner in love, as if I wouldn’t know that fabulous flight film with Tom Cruise at his zenith!  Top Gun…I guess that makes me Goose!  I love you…have fun dorm momming tonight and enjoy the pics from Fiona!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….love is so in the air these days.  Don’t worry, I am always on the look out for your “Top Gun”!  He has to be the tops for my dear beloved romantic exciting friend!!!

  6. ha ha. hello ms. pheonix. It seems I have found an interesting site with skilled writing via my choir custodian.

    In response to your above question.

    I think the solution, for christians, lies in the same solution to not being lukewarm, nominal christians. to either be hot or cold. if we follow god, but we are grumbling, clearly we are doing something wrong.

    I didn’t like the island that much. as far as things like this go (as in 1984, the giver, THX 1148, animal farm, etc.) it was better than some, but not very outstanding in my opinion. seems as if there are more important issues to address. not bad though.

    stefan the dilettante

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