Some of you have been wondering (whining?) about my recent silence. Just so you know, it’s not caused by lack of interest or lack of subject-matter. Rather, it’s the result of an over-abundance of subject matter! I’m currently in the throes of three massive productions of Candlelight Dinner, which means that every waking moment is devoted to endless details needing attention. The bummer is that my NON-waking moments are reeeeeally scarce. So I’ve gotten into the habit of taking my notepad to bed with me at night, and instead of counting sheep, I count the number of times I need to turn the light on to scribble down yet another item for my to-do list.

And then there are the “expected unexpecteds”. There’s just no way the big bad guy with the horns and pitchfork is going to sit idly by while so many people pour so much energy into this Eternal Cause. So amid broken jaws, pneumonia, the flu, and a slew of random nastiness, we’re praying our spiritual brains out and making adjustments/fixes as each challenge presents itself! Pray with us, if you would. This is one battle no one wants to lose.

So–all this to say that I haven’t forgotten any of you, that I’m blissfully happy doing what I love best these days (writing/directing/producing), and that I’ll get back to you as soon as the chaos ends.

I do have a bone to pick with my old buddy Jeremy, and what better forum than a public blog?? Stay tuned….

Love to you all,




  1. Bring it on slave driver. I don’t know why I signed up to be under your leadership again?!? Maybe I just like antagonizing you and making you tear your hair out. Muhahaha

  2. Okay, so I’ll keep prayin’ my brains out!  I love you, dear friend!  May the “force” be with you…The Lord Jesus Christ, that is!  You continue to be one of my heros!



  3. We are SO GLAD that you are getting to do what you love (write/direct/produce) and what you do SO well!!!  God is being honored!!

    Love you, Mari Ellen

  4. i just love you Michele!

  5. I’m sure you’re putting together a phenomenal Candlelight Dinner. Maybe someday I can be your assistant!!!!!!!! (PS – the PR campaign for your literary endeavors hasn’t really gotten anywhere, but one of these days I’m going to come up with an ingenious plan to promote Tidal Pools)…e’ ya later.

  6. hey michelle! just wanted to say, once again, how amazing candlelight dinner was! yur amazing. i really admire the work, effort and creativity you put into it. i luv how you just pour yourself into everything you do. and….you make me laugh! come visit us seventh period more often! there’s always an excuse…and we (you know who i mean) never have anything to do anyways! hehe…

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