I LOVE a good New Year’s Eve party… Really, I do. So I spent yesterday morning soaking in the tub, then wasted the afternoon at the beauty parlor getting my hair, makeup and nails done, before wandering into my massive walk-in closet and selecting the perfect Donna Karan dress for the evening. And at midnight, decked out in my best $300 black stilleto heels, I marked the beginning of a new year by sharing a memorable kiss with Brad Pitt…or was that Mel Gibson. Can’t be sure as the lights were low… maybe my dream was running out of battery power.

To tell you the truth, I got home from a LONG time away yesterday afternoon, all hunched over from a 14 hour drive, donned a very unglamorous pair of sweats and slippers, and watched TV until I dragged myself to bed at 10:00 pm. How puny is that? As for the Donna Karan, black stilletos, and Brad/Mel fantasy, I’m afraid none of those are remotely close to existing. Neither is the massive walk-in closet. But hey, wealth is highly overrated, right? And a good night of sleep is a luxury in itself.

I hope your New Year’s Eve was more festive! I’ve spent some time in the past 24 hours pondering the requisite New Years resolutions, but I’ll save those for a later post. SImply know for now that I am grateful for another new beginning and so very conscious of the amazing riches my life holds–namely you.

I’ll write more shortly but just wanted to check in at this point in this new year.

Don’t forget to order a copy of “The Edge of Tidal Pools”! Avoid Amazon, but follow the instructions on www.tidalpoolsonline.com. And sign the guestbook while you’re there, would you?

A special hello to the guy with the recent bad haircut who lurks on these Xanga sites like a fantom KGB renegade! Hope you got to show a puck some action on Friday!




  1. Is one of your New Years’ resoltutions being nicer to poor helpless highschoolers, and not make them cry any more? It SHOULD be…

  2. When I read the first paragraph, it was hard to picture you doing that. When I read the second paragraph, I was like “Hey! Sounds like Michele! I can see her doing that.” haha. Nothing bad. I just know you. lol. Oh, did you get my “list?”

  3. Did you get to talk to the boy? 

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