Okay, so here’s the great news. “Great” news? Seems a tad understated. “Fabulous” news might be more appropriate.

I have received from two (that’s TWO) sources recently the following, life-altering information: there are two Irish multi-millionaire farmers who have just moved to this God-forsaken part of Canada, and they’re single. My mom received an email from an unknown person who wanted to apprise her of this news, and a well-meaning older gentleman with pickle-breath sidled up to me after a church Christmas concert last night to impart the same information to me. Not one, ladies and gentlemen, but TWO single Irish farmers who live nearby appear to be on the lookout for just the right bride to shovel out their pig barns, twist their chickens’ necks, and darn their manure-smelling socks… Now, lest you jump on that ever-ready soapbox and berate me for being too stereotypical, I must remind you of my early-adult near-brush with farmer’s-wifehood. The poultry-farm scene, thank the Lord (literally), never became a reality, hence my reticence to give this latest “option” even a fraction of consideration. The answer, to any and all who are interested, is a heartfelt, slightly nauseated “NO”. But thanks for the thought. I trust those Irish eyes will find someone else on which to smile!

And how’s life in your parts of the world, now that we’re all scattered around the globe for this most festive of holidays? Drop me a line, will you?

My love to you all,




  1. michele, what an offer u’ve got there. hehe.. canada eh? did i tell you? i lost the robinson’s phone number the day before leaving so couldn’t contact them.. my laziness has paid off big time. : (   oh well, hope you have a merry merry christmas.. i miss you.

    anyhow, well, i’m in wash DC at my friend’s house and will be joining the breslins adn few more bfa-ers next week.. nice eh?

  2. Oh lovely Michele, you have made me fully laugh and that is such a gift for me today!  You need to stay far away from those Irish eyes a smilin’ – they are ever full of blarney! ;c)

    hugs and love,

    Renee…I presume you got my email about Christmas memories etc.

  3. Miche! oh love – i’m glad you sidestepped the chicken farmers for the second time in your life. 🙂 Wanting to wish you a wonderful christmas – wishing so much that i could see you! love you!

  4. DREA_CHRISTINE!! Write to me! Send me a phone number! Where are you? It’s been too long and we need to talk…

  5. It seems that the pastoral life is here to haunt you michelle. Yes i found you, you escaped me for a year back in canada, but after therapy from bawling, i can now talk to you again. (p.s. is serenitymine from a Seinfeld episode?) aurevoir

  6. Are you sure you want to turn down that offer? lol.

    Hey!!! ROOFLAYER CAN’T spell your name. What is this??

  7. Hi Michele!!!!! WOW is all I can say…lots to say, just don’t know how to sum it all up…..maybe perfect is a good word? I dunno I’m having the time of my life. I can’t remember the last time I was this happy and peaceful…it’s wonderful!!! Can’t believe we only have a week and a half left…not fair!!!! I love you and we shall have things to talk about after break…love!!! Continue to enjoy your time at home…and good choice about those farmers…golly! It’s a curse Michele Bye!

  8. Michele! Merry belated Christmas and enjoy your New Year’s! Sorry that I’ve not e-mailed you back and filled you in on my life est. BFA, but I will do so soon :). Blessings!

  9. Dear Michele,

    Yeah, we’re not worrying about it anymore.  It was cheaper than bringing both our kids home.  However, they have both decided NEXT Christmas they will come home no matter what!  Germany really is their place of  “home” on earth, I guess.  When do you get back and do you have a pick up ride?  I miss you and I need to tell ya, I am going to need you these next few months!  Maybe I can be your Candlelight Dinner secretary so that I don’t feel like a useless bump on a log!  I love you and give your mom a big squeeze!  So how did you herald in the new year?



  10. Mish!!!!! Break’s almost over…waaaaaa pray that it slows down, pleeeeeeeease!!!!! I love you! Hope your break is still going well 🙂

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