Well, my mittens and snow-shoes are packed, and I’m off to the world of Syberian cold and unrelenting snow. Ew. Make that a giant EW. But I’ll be with my family for Christmas, which makes the icy roads and biting wind nearly bearable.

I shall endeavor to keep in touch from the bitter cold of my mom’s deserted lakeside town (does the term “lake effect” mean anything to anyone?). If my spelling gets a bit off, you can assume I’m semi-frozen in the land of Tim Hortons.

Be in touch, okay? And don’t forget to…you know…order a book or two…or six…or …

Love to you all!




  1. Michele!!! I FINALLY got your book!!! And I’m sure you already know this but yes, it looks like a real book.

  2. Ahram…thanks for telling me! My mom met me at the airport with one of my books in front of her face (a welcome sight!) and I spent the whole trip to her home repeating “It looks like a REAL book!!!” I know, I’m losing it.

    Have a great last week of school. And remember that I gave you a small assignment after we had dinner in Reblyn’s room that I forgot to get from you. Work on that, will you?

    Miss you tons…….


  3. michele check your email got lots of questions on that book of yours!!

  4. Squirt, I never got your email! You must have sent it to a wrong address. If you have a copy of it in your “Sent Mail” file, send it again to: shellphoenix@aol.com!

    It was great to talk to you on the phone today! Don’t forget your assignment….


  5. ok off to send it again!

  6. i wanna read it too!!!!!! lol!

  7. and i would order it IF I HAD ANY MONEY!!!!!!

  8. did ya get my email??

  9. hi michele! i wanted to tell you that i started reading your baby. i’m only on chapter four, but so far… wow! very intriguing. 🙂 see you later.

  10. how do I order one of these books? wow, it’s been a while. how’s life treatin’ ya? You back in the motherland for xmas? Guess what, I made my university play. Pretty crazy, eh? Check us out at http://www.macthespians.com -Michael

  11. Well, my friend Mr. Dussel, how do I respond to you if you leave no email address?? The book: send a $16 dollars to the following address and the book will be in the mail shortly! =-) OR write me an email (shellphoenix@aol.com) and let me know the check is on its way and I’ll mail the book out today. But that implies you’re trustworthy, of course, and the jury’s still out on that ! 7411 Mud Creek Trail, Port Franks, ON N0M 2L0

    It was SUCH a surprise to hear from you! From browsing through your Xanga, I’ve determined that you are indeed in Hedden residence, but what college/university is that?? Would love a brief update on what you’re up to. Thrilled to hear you made the play. Can’t think of a more deserving person. Send me a real email address?

    My best to you, Dussel! You’re missed at the old alma-mater.


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