Please continue answering the question from my previous entry, but as you think about that, can you think about this too? I’m working on something that needs a title–an interesting, curiosity-arousing title–and I’m not sure which of the following is best. Can you read through the options and tell me which one would MOST make you pick up the book off a shelf in your bookstore and read the back cover? Thanks, y’all! Let the suvey begin….

1. The Life in Tidal Pools
2. The Light in Tidal Pools
3. In Tidal Pools
4. Life in a Tidal Pool
5. Tidal Pools

Danke, danke!




  1. 3… I like 3. hey, is there any way I can come visit before you leave to germany? Meaning are you going to be too busy…

  2. Eeeeeeenieeeeeee! Thanks for being the very first vote on my Xanga site!

    Sigh…I wish I could say “come on over”, but my house is currently infested by 6 very French…well…French people. I’m at my wit’s end, I tell you! They leave on Wednesday, I take off on Thursday. And somewhere between driving them endlessly to inane places of absolutely no interest to me, feeding them, and putting up with their Frenchness, I’m supposed to be packing a year of crap into two suitcases. So….long story short, even if there WAS room for you here, I’m not sure you’d want to be anywhere near me. Why’d you wait so long to come up with the brilliant idea??

    Hey, I’m glad you wrote. Seriously. I’ve been thinking about you! Hope you’re well, buddy!


  3. i’d pick just “Tidal Pools”
    Yup. but i’d look at the author first and if i saw it was MIchele Phoenix – i’d up a book called “The Worst Crap Ever” tee hee

  4. Michele’s writing a book! yea! Anyways, I like number 4. number 5 sounds like a… science fact book or something….

  5. Life in a Tidal Pool.

  6. I’m NOT trying to argue against drea_christine… I’m just… speaking out my thoughts

  7. Better watch it, Ahram! Drea_christine will be in Kandern when you get back and she might whoop your butt!

  8. Really? Awesome! Bring it on! haha

  9. Ha. Right.

  10. You know, you still never answered my question……..

  11. i think it should be called, ” the life of squirt” just kidding michele..

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